Declare Israel a terrorist state: Darul Uloom

Abul Qasim Nomani

By Muslim Mirror News,

Deoband:  Condemning Israeli aggression on civilians, Islamic seminary   Darul Uloom Deoband has strongly urged the United Nations to immediately call emergency meeting to stop the ongoing killings of innocents in Gaza and declare Israel a terrorist state.


Reactor of India’s largest and premier Islamic institution Mufti Abul Qasim Nomani,  in a statement,  has also strongly condemned the US which is backing Israel despite the Zionist nation continues to victimize innocent Palestinians. Mufti Qasmi also slammed the Indian government for its creepy silence over the killing of  innocents in occupied Palestine saying India and Palestine has deep friendly relations in the past.  India’s foreign policy was in favour of Palestine not because of religion but of humanity   and concept of freedom, he said.  Mualana also criticized Muslim world for their  half-hearted response.


  1. Salam to all, Always stand by Holy Quran. Holy Quran warned Muslims not to befriend with Jews so also Holy Prophet
    Mohammed(MSAS) advised all, trade with them but donot trust them Palistanian but disobyed the Holy Quran & Holy Prophet & was enticed by west to sell own land to them & now the enormous suffering.May ALLAH SWT forgive Muslims & unite them & guide them to truth. Shia Sunnies destroyed the Holy Mosques containing Holy Quran in them what they will get other than the Ruth of ALLAH SWT.
    May ALLAH SWT unite Muslims & lead them to truth.
    RosulUllah(SAS) clearly declared as the end time nears,there will be 73 Sects among Muslims & only one group will be peaceful & stand on the true path. ALLAH may help us to truth & Unity.

  2. Have the Palestinians ever condemned terrorism in India and called for a UN resolution declaring Pakistan, which has been secretly waging a proxy war against India, a terrorist state? This is not our conflict and it is not all black and white. Yes, precious innocent lives are being lost and both sides should come to an understanding to stop the bloodshed. If people are so interested in protesting against violence in different parts of the world, where is the outrage against Boko Haram or Mexico’s drug cartels who are killing innocent people by the hundreds and thousands.

    • Agree with you this is not our conflict and poor and innocent lives are lost and both the sides should make all out efforts to stop the bloodshed. Israel does not keep quiet unlike India when provoked and their reaction does appear overboard each time but one cannot question their stand on safeguarding their citizens. Yes India can condemn Israel but then it should start condemning Palestine every time a rocket is launched.

  3. Mulla you r right, when the Palestinians kill, it’s fine. When the Israelis react they are barbaric, U exchange Israeli soldier for 1700 Palestinians, now pay an equal for 3 teenagers. Sad and pained to write this but the reality is this only,


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