Defense Ministry should stop stereotyping of Muslims, reinstate Aijaz Mirza, Anwar Ali: Campus Front


By Muslim Mirror News,

Dr. Anwar Ali sells books
Dr. Anwar Ali sells books

New Delhi, April 11: Campus Front of India has demanded the Defence Ministry to stop targeting of Muslim staffers on prejudices and stereotyping and immediately reinstate Ajiza Ahmed Mirza at DRDO, Bangalore and Dr. Anwar Ali at National Defence Academy, Pune.


“It seems the targeting the Muslims on prejudices and stereotyping have been a routine in Defense Ministry. Few weeks back we had the discrimination story of Aijaz Ahmed Mirza who was terminated by Defense Research & Development Organization for being accused in a terror plot which were void hence released due to innocence and now the case of one Dr Anwar Ali is also uncovered that Anwar who was a lecturer at the National Defense Academy was terminated as he was arrested on terror charges which later failed and he was acquitted,” said Inamur Rahman, General Secretary, Campus Front.

“In both the cases the accused were acquitted due to their innocence but the Defense Ministry has not reinstated them. On other side the Defense Ministry is till date paying full salary and allowances to Hindutuva terrorist Lt. Col Shirkant Purohit who is in jail for his role in Malegaon blasts,” he added.

Campus Front national president Abdul Nazar has also condemned saying “this kind of stereotyping are the handiworks of prejudiced and anti social mindset infiltrated in the Defense Ministry. Terminating a Muslim from service and not reinstating him even after his innocence is proved is utterly against secularism and democratic system”.

“Campus Front of India Demand the UPA government and defense ministry to take necessary steps to reinstate Aiijaz Ahmed Mirza and Dr Anwar Ali immediately. And we demand for complete reform in the Defense ministry to eradicate the targeting of particular religion or community due to prejudice” Nazar added.

Muslim Mirror yesterday published a detailed story on Dr. Anwar Ali. The story on Aijaz Mirza of DRDO was first published on Muslim Mirror on 2nd March 2013

Dr. Anwar Ali’s career has been ruined after being arrested by the Mumbai police in connection with the 2003 Mumbai blasts. After languishing in Mumbai’s Arthur Jail for about eight years, Dr. Anwar Ali was released on bail in February 2011.

Bangalore police had arrested Mirza in August-September 2012 along with 10 others alleging they were hatching a conspiracy to kill some saffron leaning journalists and politicians and attack on defense establishments. Mirza – who was a junior research scientist at the Center for Air Borne Systems (CABS) of Defense Research & Development Organisation (DRDO), Bangalore was described by police as masterminds of the terror conspiracy. However February this year he was released due to his innocence.

Nazar also said that “When these victims were being implicated by Police, most of the media ran an media trail declaring this innocents as terrorist and masterminds. It is pathetic that despite of proving their innocence the media is mum and not transmitting the issue. Campus Front feels that all secular media will take this cause”.

Campus Front of India demanded the government to reinstate the victims immediately and warned that if the UPA government fails Campus Front will organize a nationwide agitation propagating this demands.


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