Delhi Commission for Women demands FIR over misuse of Muslim women’s photos by Hindutva fanatics


By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi: Delhi Commission for Women chief Swati Maliwal has issued a notice to the police over a ”serious” matter of cyber-crime, where pictures of several Muslim women were displayed online without their consent and termed as ‘Sulli Deal of the day’.


Photos of hundreds of them were uploaded by an unidentified group on an app using GitHub – by the name of ‘Sulli Deals’ – on Sunday, 4 July. The women displayed by the app were put for auction.

The app came to light when people started sharing their ‘deal of the day’ on Twitter, but it has since been removed by GitHub.

In the notice, DCW chief Swati Maliwal asked the Deputy Commissioner of Police to provide a copy of the FIR registered in the matter and details of the accused identified and arrested. Maliwal has given the police one week to provide the details.

Earlier, Editors Guild of India had expressed concerns over the development. ”The Editors Guild of India considers it reprehensible that images of women journalists and other professionals from minority community were posted online and shared over social media, in a denigrating manner, putting them up for auction,” read a tweet by EGI.


  1. How can they use our sisters photos
    In this type of sulli deal
    We condemned this act
    And request our police department to
    Take seriouse action against them

  2. Um, no where in the news is anyone’s name or identity mentioned, yet Muslim Mirrors puts muslim photos by Hindutva fanatics. Is this not an example of stoking hate anonymously ??
    I mean, what is the difference b/w some random shitposter twitter troll and a self proclaimed news website like MM ?? Atleast, have the integrity to host correct news and headlines.

    • “Random observer” aka marques de kalia aka Hindu gutter rat

      As usual trying to do damage control for your fellow Hindu extremists and likewise scum by casting doubt on the story using your multiple troll IDs linking to a typical Hindu extremist site. You’re just upset that Hindu filth and criminality is being exposed. This isn’t fake news that Hindus spread all the time. Smelly ugly inbred Hindu incels and their rapist perverted mindset is the product of filthy disgusting inhuman Hinduism.
      I’d bet you would go crazy sh1tting all over the internet if the roles were reversed.

  3. those involved in such activities are brothel keepers… they are rapists and product of hindu culture… this shows the flithiness of hindu culture… main stream media keeps on hiding such terrible news.. as they want to show all hindus in good light

  4. If public executions were for rapists were impartially carried out in India, it would dramatically reduce the Hindu male population. Rape is an integral part of Hinduism, which is why India is the most dangerous country in the world for women.


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