Delhi HC grants bail to three Muslim men in Delhi pogrom case, says hard to believe police theory

Bird's-eye view of an area hit by anti-Muslim pogrom

By Muslim Mirror Staff 

New Delhi: ”It is hard to believe that a communal riot can be used to cause death of person of their own community,” the Delhi High Court observed while granting bail to three Muslim men accused of killing Shahid Alam during the Delhi pogrom in February 2020.


Justice Suresh Kumar Kait granted bail to Junaid, Chand Mohd. and Irshad vide a common order.

The Delhi High Court said, “There is no evidence whatsoever, either direct or circumstantial, or forensic against these three people who were accused of killing one Shahid during the Delhi riots in February 2020”.

According to the police, the accused were part of the Muslim group which was standing at the rooftop of Saptarishi Building at Chand Bagh area of northeast Delhi to attack the Hindu groups, who were standing at the rooftops of other buildings, firing and pelting stones.

The police alleged that Shahid, who was also present at the top of Saptarishi building, was killed as a result of a gunshot.

The defense presented a video clip shown by NDTV. The video had captured gunfire from the rooftop of Mohan Nursing Home building, which was opposite Saptarishi building.

The bench observed that the police focused only on buildings of one side in the investigation, ignoring the firing from Mohan Nursing Home.


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