Delhi High Court disposes off Najeeb’s disappearance case, declines plea for SIT 


Delhi High Court disposes off Najeeb’s disappearance case, declines plea for SIT. Will challenge the verdict in Supreme Court: Najeeb’s mother

By  M M Special Correspondent,

 New Delhi:  JNU Students Union on Monday said the Delhi High Court order in the case of disappeared JNU student Najeeb Ahmed will be challenged in the Supreme Court.  It also said the JNSU will rally in Najeeb’s  mother support and continue its struggle for justice.

Fatima Nafees’ habeas corpus petition regarding her son Najeeb Ahmed  has been disposed off by the Delhi High Court today  and  the court  has declined to transfer  the case to a Special Investigation Team (SIT).

This setback will not deter us from our struggle for justice for Najeeb and her mother Fatima will challenge this order in the apex court, JNUSU President N. Sai Balaji said.

 Talking to Muslim Mirror,  Fatima Nafees said she was heartbroken after the verdict but would continue  her struggle for justice.

“I am heartbroken at this verdict. The CBI has conducted the most biased investigation and its sole objective has been to shield those who assaulted my son. I still retain faith in the judiciary and will not stop until I find justice for my son.”

 it also reflects the system’s biase in dealing a minority  case, she said.

The investigation in this case has shown the blatant political interference at the highest levels and the extent to which institutions such as the Delhi Police and the CBI has been severely compromised under the Modi Government, she alleged.

Despite repeated appeals and protests and strongest arguments made in the court, both the CBI and the Delhi Police has stubbornly refused to investigate into the assault against Najeeb the night before he disappeared.

Najeeb’s assaulters who are all ABVP members had been represented at various points by the most expensive and high profile lawyers. Fatima Nafees’ case against the media groups and ABVP members for defaming her son, filed at the Patiala Court went missing from the court premises,  Balaji said.

In these ways and more, Fatima Nafees’ brave and unstinting struggle to find her son has been thwarted at every instance.

Refusing to acknowledge the larger political interference, even the Delhi High Court has deeply disappointed Fatima Nafees and the JNU student community with this verdict.

“While we are deeply dejected with the verdict of the High Court, we are determined to carry this struggle forward. The CBI and the Delhi Police have become puppets under the Modi regime and it has been apparent in the way in which the investigations over the last two years have been severely compromised. JNUSU assures the student community that this struggle for justice for Najeeb will continue as strongly as ever and we urge the student community and progressive sections of the society to continue this fight,” JNUSU President  said.    


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