Delhi minority panel team visits Uttawar village to inquire alleged foreign funding to mosque


By MM Special Correspondent,

New Delhi: The Delhi Minorities Commission (DMC) has sent a team to Uttawar village in Palwal district of Haryana to probe the allegations about the alleged foreign funding for construction of a mosque.

In this regard, Delhi Minorities Commission chairman Dr Zafarul Islam Khan said the Commission has constituted a committee which will tour the area, talk to police, administration, officials of the local panchayat, people of the area and members of the affected families in order to reach to the bottom of the issue. The committee will present its report to the Commission which will be released sometime next week in a press conference. The committee is headed by the known human rights activist Ovais Sultan Khan, a member of DMC’s advisory committee, Sardar Gurmindar Singh Matharu, member of Sikh Gurudwara Parbandhak Committee Amritsar, and the well-known advocate and human rights worker Abu Bakr Sabbaq. The committee will tour the area tomorrow, Saturday, and will also meet in Hazrat Nizamuddin in Delhi the affected families some of whose members have been arrested over the alleged foreign funding of the mosque in the village near Palwal.

A Muslim leader said it is appalling to note that the National Minorities Commission has been still mainlining silence on the issue which would have seized the matter after serious allegations were leveled against the mosque being built in the village. He said the NCM has become a “showpiece” since it was reconstituted by the present BJP government at the Centre.


  1. What a mockery of the Indian Constitution!

    The states give free land and construction rights and finance from the tax-payer’s money to build “thousands” of temples all over India.

    But Muslims already under-privileged in jobs and finance collect personal savings and charity from friends and some relatives working abroad–and it becomes illegal!

    Muslim religion and musjids teach humane equality, worshipping one God Almighty, helping neighbours, being loyal to the nation and family; and not harming any living being–human or animal — makes a human being out of sheer animals—and they are now under suspicion! Musjids never have musical concerts or vicious dancing and merry-making—only remembering Almighty God and meditating in namaz!

    • Well said Sister or Brother!
      Aptly summed up, JazakAllahu khairan..
      The Ummah needs more people like you who can communicate precisely and decisively to shut down propaganda and injustice effectively.
      Are Indian banks and RBI stupid?—-do they allow foreign transactions which are shady and not from non-verified sources?
      No these are very likely official ”over-the-board transactions” transparent from hard-working Indian Muslim NRIs.
      Also how can RSS-Brahmins with US citizenship send money for destroying Babri musjid and for funding BJP-RSS shakhas to encourage hate-brigade, without any questions?
      Also Muslims—only build community centres without minars and domes—which are proprtionate to the local population.In these centres, you can have libraries, dispensaries, talaq counselling centres, job guidance, career counselling, play centres, old age help, open mosque gatherings for Hindu, Christian, Sikh, Bahujan brethren —-start evolving with times!
      Otherwise future is not very bright–if we dont change for better wisely!


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