Delhi pogrom: Court discharges Tahir Hussain’s brother and two others


By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi: A Delhi court discharged three accused – Rashif Saifi, Shadaba and former AAP councilor Tahir Hussain’s brother Shah Alam in an FIR related to Delhi’s anti-Muslim pogrom while pulling up the police for their failure to conduct proper investigation.


“I am not able to restrain myself from observing that when history will look back at the worst communal riots since partition in Delhi, it is the failure of investigating agency to conduct proper investigation by using latest scientific methods, will surely torment the sentinels of democracy,” Additional Sessions Judge Vinod Yadav.

The FIR was registered under sec. 147, 148, 149, 427, 380, 454, 436, 435 and 120-B of IPC on the basis of two complaints alleging that a shop was burnt, attacked and looted during the Delhi riots.

While looking at the facts of the case, the court took note of the fact that the accused persons were neither specifically named in the FIR nor any specific role was assigned to them in the matter. It was also observed that there was no independent eye witness account of the incident available on record.

“This Court cannot permit such cases to meander mindlessly in the corridors of judicial system, sweeping away precious judicial time of this Court when the same is open and shut case,” the court said


  1. When a group of citizens appeared at the busy intersection expressly for the purpose of disbursing the protestors putting on a show for the visiting POTUS and the International Press, they were met by a large gang of armed men. National figures like a lawyer/MLA and a Mullah declared that ten million Muslims could teach a hundred million Hindus a lesson if the Law Enforcement would stand aside for ten minutes. These are facts.

    Yet MM refers to the event as a “pogrom”. A clear evidence of MM’s journalistic credentials.


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