Delhi Police arrests allegedly a ‘SIMI terrorist’, who has authored and translated over 30 books


By Syed Zubair Ahmad

Aligarh/New Delhi, Dec 7: Apparently in a desperate bid  to divert people’s attention from the ongoing  farmers’ protest  the Delhi Police has claimed to have arrested allegedly a ‘terrorist’ of the banned and defunct  Students’ Islamic Movement of India. ’50 year-old accused Abdullah Danish had been on the run for the last 19 years, said a statement of Delhi Police.


Abdullah was “one of the most elusive members” of the “terrorist” group SIMI and was wanted for sedition in the national capital, said  a senior police officer of the special cell, Pramod Singh Kushwah  in the statement.

“Abdullah Danish was one of the senior-most members of SIMI who indoctrinated many young Muslims in the last 25 years,” the police said in the statement. “He was chief editor of the Hindi version of SIMI magazine ‘Islamic Movement’ for four years,” the statement added.

Abdullah Danish is a resident of Mau in Uttar Pradesh and also has a house in UP’s Aligarh, the police said.

Senior police officer Attar Singh of the special cell had been tracking Abdullah Danish’s movement in the National Capital Region and UP for the last one year, the police said. The SIMI terrorist worked to “radicalise Muslim youths to mobilize against NRC and CAA and propagating radical ideology to create disharmony among religious groups”, the police said in the statement, referring to the protests against the National Register of Citizens and the Citizenship (Amendment) Act.

Abdullah Danish did MA in Arabic from Aligarh Muslim University in 1985. He has authored and translated over 30 books in different languages. He translated zoology and chemistry books for NOIS (National Institute of Open Schooling) and NTM (National Translation Mission). Abdullah also delivered a lecture on Practical Problems in Translation at Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti Language University.

Delhi Police ‘mysteriously’ arrested Abdullah and his wife

Abdullah was arrested with his wife mysteriously by Delhi Police officials in Aligarh Saturday morning while they were going to the railway station to catch Shatabdi Express to attend a function in Kanpur.

‘When my parents didn’t receive calls we lodged a complaint in Civil Lines Police Station. With the help of police we spotted those being detained in a Delhi police van in CC TV cameras installed at Kela Nagar, his son Ammar Abdullah told Muslim Mirror.

‘On UP Police intervention, Delhi Police Special Cell officials admitted detention of my parents and assured my mother’s safe return to Aligarh. At 11 PM a Delhi Police van came to drop my mother and searched my home till 2 AM. They asked me to sign a paper saying my mother returned safe and sound at home, added Ammar.


  1. SIMI is the stupid invisible imaginative demon always brought up to trap Indian Muslims by the anti-Muslim Hindu fascists, who are afraid of the power of faith of united genuine Islam and of authentic books.

    Eunuchoid Hitler fascist policies being implemented by Jewish teachers of hate-bank Sanghis.

    The fascists do not know Almighty’s justice which comes all of a sudden like in case of the shameless people of Lot.

  2. When you believe in an ideology that is defunct with the modern age and about to be extinct, you will resort to tactics like this to regain some recognition. It is said the Hyena is most dangerous when it has reached old age and is about to die. It starts acting viciously and violently begins to attack anything that it can.

    Guess the perpetrators of this idiocy know what’s coming…


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