Delhi Police says more than Rs 1crore used to stage anti CAA protests

Delhi Violence
By Muslim Mirror Staff

September 22:A recent chargesheet filed by Special Cell of the Delhi Police in connection with the alleged conspiracy in the Delhi riots case revealed that five persons, including evicted municipal councillor Tahir Hussain, former councillor Ishrat Jahan, student Meeran Haider, activist Khalid Saifi and Shifa-ur-Rehman, received Rs 1.61 crore as cash or bank transaction, out of which Rs 1.48 crore was used to manage the protest sites and execute the conspiracy of riots.

In the chargesheet, police have attached disclosures statements, call detail records, money trail and transcripts of WhatsApp groups such as DPSG (Delhi Protests Support Group) and Warriors. The chargesheet mentions that “they (conspirators) aimed at bringing the government of India to its knees and enforcing the withdrawal of CAA by timing the execution of their conspiracy with the visit of US President, thereby hitting two birds with a single stone”.


“Causing death of over 50 persons and causing serious injuries to over 500 public persons apart from massive damage to public and private properties by arson and other means would also clearly fall within the definition of terrorist activity.. Disruption of supplies and services essential to life of community squarely falls within the ambit of terrorist act,” it states.

Besides mentioning the financial transaction, the police also expanded on how the riots were “engineered”. They said that a secret conspiratorial meeting was held on February 16-17 February midnight and it was then that the “key conspirators made up their mind that the final show down of the pan Delhi protests will be executed in northeast, Shahdara, south districts with the areas of Chand Bagh and Jafrabad as the initial hotspots.”

The final report, signed by DCP (Special Cell) P S Kushwah and ACP (Special Cell) Alok Kumar, states that “internationally, terrorist activity is defined as the use of violence to force a government to accept/submit to political demands”.





  1. india is a soft state-

    vrious groups use terrorism to force govt to meet demands.

    political parties-eg commies, congress use demonstations etc.

    uncivilised behaviour.


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