Delhi-riot victims are harassed while culprits remain scot-free: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind

A violent mob on the streets of North East Delhi on February 24. | Reuters/ Danish Siddiqui

By M M News

New Delhi, 11 March 2020: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) has criticized the Delhi Police for its high handedness while dealing with the victims of the North East Delhi riots.


In a press statement, JIH’s Community Affairs Secretary Malik Mohtasim Khan said: “it is very shocking that the Delhi police is harassing the victims of the North East Delhi riots while the culprits remain scot-free.” The high handedness has created a fear psychosis among the victims of the riots and they are reluctant to file FIRs and come forward and press charges against those who perpetrated wanton acts of violence. A case in point is the arrest of the owner of a private school, which was torched during the riots. The school has also been sealed by the police causing unnecessary trouble to students and parents in the exam season. The trustees of mosques that were vandalized and burnt are being pursued by the police as if they are the real offenders.”

The Jamaat National Secretary said: “We will be going to Delhi High Court to file a habeas corpus plea as there are many persons who have been detained or arrested that had no role in the riots and violence. Jamaat along with like-minded human-rights organization like APCR is also working on the legal front to lodge FIRs, to help victims fill out the compensation forms, to initiate bail applications and recording testimonies of victims.”

Details of some of the work done by APCR:




FIRs lodged


Complaints written


Compensation / Claims forms filled


Bail applications


Writ petitions (Habeas Corpus)


Riot affected areas covered


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