Donald Trump and Narender Modi: The disappointing deities

L-R, Donald Trump and Narender Modi

Aazeen Kirmani

These days deities have a tendency to stab in the back. Just when the desi bhakts of Trump were holding havans in their unbound joy of having found an international leader of anti-Muslim terrorism, Trump’s trumpet began to change its very tune. Suddenly his ‘determination’ to ban Muslims from entering USA transformed into ‘just  a suggestion’. A change in a  politician’s stance from determined to mere suggestive is not just a linguistic expression. It implies a realization of folly, of a buckling of will, of the backbone collapsing under the weight of irresponsible statements.

L-R, Donald Trump and Narender Modi
L-R, Donald Trump and Narender Modi

This is not the first time the bhakts have been dealt an et tu Brute moment by their deity. Not too long ago amidst cries of dispatching all Indian Muslims to Pakistan PM Modi not only landed in Pakistan but also embraced Nawaz Sharif, much to the chagrin of many. His historical hug with the PM of a country that even Indian Muslims don’t care two hoots about had reportedly led to a surge in irreparably broken heart syndrome among desi bhakts.

Modi’s sudden  love for  Nawaz had proved that even an utterly useless neighbor like Pakistan  cannot be dispensed with. Then how is it possible for Trump to disregard a people of his own country and that too the ones making significant contribution to the country’s economy and intellectual pool.

Trump it seems has learnt an important albeit late lesson from the mandate of London Mayoral elections which brought Sadiq Khan a Muslim to power despite his opponents aggressively  playing the ‘trump’ card of divisive communal  politics against him.

Trump finally seems to have got home the point that Muslim bashing is a fruitless occupation, a waste of time and resources, that communalism does not sell and that generalizing of all Muslims as terrorists is a vain idea which does not attract sensible voters in any country. Any state can isolate Muslims no more than Baba Ramdev can behead Owaisi or RSS can make India into a Hindu Rashtra by 2020 or any year of their imagination.

When Priyanka Chopra slams Trump as primitive she is quiet right. His primitiveness is many faceted. According to Dr. Frank F. Islam Indian American thinker, writer, entrepreneur and official Hillblazer:  ” In the one “major” foreign policy address that Trump has given to date, he stressed “America first” and a type of isolationism that dates back to the 20th century.”

Dr. Islam further says ” given Trump’s unfavorable ratings and my faith in the common sense and goodness of the American people overall, I can’t even imagine him coming to power”.

So can’t people of sense across the world.

As for the dejected bhakts, Gods should be invoked for better things. Next time it would be a good idea to pray for a better sense of judgment


  1. when Angels of Death will come to take the life away for all these haughty non believers they will shout I love my America, I love my Hindu Hindustan. But Angels will say nay, never you are going to your abode of hell fire for you hurt the million peace loving Muslims.


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