Donald Trump has been ‘worse’ and Joseph Biden might be ‘far from worse’

By Haider Abbas

The US presidential election results are due to be announced in a few hours from now. It might turn out to be a nail-biting finish but US president Donald Trump has warned that results are to declared without delay, for that would certainly facilitate outright fraud, as he has repeatedly suggested a ‘slower-than-typical result is a sign of trouble. “I think it’s terrible that we can’t know the results of an election the night of the election,” he said. “I think it’s a terrible thing when states are allowed to tabulate ballots for a long period of time after the election is over” referred APNews on October 2, 2020 1. Trump has been forced to say as US administration has signaled a delay in results, by two or three days, from some states i.e. Pennsylvania etc towards which Trump has forecasted a red signal.

Trump, it might be added, had quite a few months back already said that he would not relinquish  power,  if he looses the elections, and his party workers and supporters who are primarily those who endorse ‘white supremacy’  and a large presence amongst them are ‘white-supremacists’ have already been ‘stockpiling’ weapons since months, hence, the result might also spill a bloody-day on US streets, which had very recently also witnessed ‘Black Lives Matter’ campaign in the wake of George Lloyd killing.  The Republicans of Trump may soon be on a spree.

Trump has been truly apprehensive as he has sufficiently ‘ruffled the feathers’ with US establishment and deep state  i.e. Pentagon and CIA.  He had ridiculed Pentagon saying that it wants to keep the war-contractors happy and therefore does not want US to withdraw from Afghanistan which is likely to happen before Christmas. He thrashed the CIA report to save Kingdom of Saudi Arabia crown prince MbS and saved him as CIA had found MbS involved in the murder of the journalist Jamal Khashighi. No wonder US establishment darling therefore is Democrat Joseph Biden.  Trump most scathing attack on US establishment came, just two days before, when he accused it of fudging the data on the number of deaths due to Corona Virus, as anyone who died due to any other disease was clubbed as a victim of COVID-19, tells Edition.CNN on October 31, 2020 2 , something which is enough to being US credibility to zero!

Trump has taken all the US establishment and in fact the world powers from the front and has even signaled, on the voting day, informs Edition CNN that he would also fire Dr Antony Fauci, US leading expert on infectious diseases, thereby, throwing everything out-of-gear as the entire world is almost again into its preparatory-mode for the onslaught of upcoming second-wave, as Dr Fauci and Bill Gates have been the front-runners of the COVID-19 campaign in US. Dr. Fauci had been also close to Trump but his scalp will then also be the first. Trump might not allow US to shut down in the wake of second-wave. So, why would US establishment therefore bet-upon Trump and hence, see Biden making to the victory-lap.

Trump yields street power which he is ready to foment, and which, might out rightly turn into what had been getting dished-out through multiple films and movies about the veritable scenes of anarchy on US streets, which has in fact prepared a mindset to accept such a situation, and certainly that situation today is just waiting-to-happen! Trump has proved his cards and has withdrawn from Afghanistan, has entered into BECA with India and given India a counter-balance to China but the world is just about in a guessing game about Biden as after all there were democrats in US when Arab Spring had hit the gulf-region, What if Biden reverses the Trump decisions vis-à-vis Afghanistan or India?

The tradition of a US president twice in a row makes a choice for Trump, who could save himself from more than 4000 lawsuits and 26 inquires against him and also come-out unscathed from the Russian scandal, and he is also bent upon not to accept defeat, but if anything reverse happens, and Biden wins, it would surely be the personal loss of Indian PM Modi and KSA crown prince MbS, apart from what would be the ensuing anarchy on US streets.

The writer is a former State Information Commissioner, India. He is a media analyst and writes on international politics.





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