Dr Umer Chapra laud the role of Memon Welfare Society ,Jeddah

Memon Welfare Society - 1
Dr. Umer Chapra, Guest of Honor, with Managing Committee of Memon Welfare Society at Dinner hosted by Memon Welfare Society, Jeddah

By Rohail Khan,

Jeddah “Memon Welfare Society (MWS-MASA) has been rendering admirable welfare services to the community since its inception in Jeddah six years ago”, Dr. Umer Chapra, World-renowned scholar in Islamic Economics , said in his address as Guest of Honour at the monthly dinner meeting of Memon families at a Jeddah Hotel recently.


After Election of Office Bearers of MWS for 2014 – 2015 a Grand Dinner of Memon Families was arranged at a Hotel in Jeddah  on Friday 11th April 2:014 which was attended by almost 500 Ladies and Gentlemen of the community. Well known dignitary, scholar, author, economist, reformist and recipient of King Faisal Award Dr. Umer Chapra was invited as a guest of honour at the dinner.

The event begun with recitation of Holy Quran recited by Hafiz Mohammed Ahmed Macki. Mr. Mansoor Shivani, Acting President of Memon Welfare Society welcomed the Guest of Honour and all the attendees of the event, while, Mr. Tayyab Moosani, Gen. Secretary gave an introduction of the Guest of Honour Dr. Chapra and all senior of the community who contributed their untiring efforts to constitute a Memon Forum for the welfare services.  Mr. Moosani also presented a brief about welfare programs of MWS, which was keenly paid attention and admired by all the guests. He announced formation of Youth and Sports Wing which will sponsored by Mr. Iqbal Advani.

Then, Dr. Chapra applauded the social activities and welfare services rendered by MWS to the community. He said, MWS deserves congratulation for completing 6 years of its existence successfully and advised to carry on working for the noble cause.

After the speech of Dr. Chapra, senior members of the community were honored and awarded gifts being a token of appreciation. During the event, an Islamic Quiz Show was organized and 125 gifts/prizes were distributed to the guests for their correct answer to the questions.

At the end, Younus Habib, Vice President of MWS, expressed heartiest thanks to the community members for their support, assistance and participation to make the family event a GRAND SUCCESS. He also expressed thanks to all sponsors of the event, M/s Iqbal Advani, Munaf Abdul Sattar, Amir Tai, Arif Memon, Kaleem Ahmed.


  1. Respected Sir,
    “Assalamu Alaikum”
    Nah Budu hu vanu swalli alla rasuli heen kareem
    My daughter namely,Sunehra Parekh,residing at-Amreli.(Gujarat),INDIA.wish to joint medical college in india,course of mbbs.
    In this pupose she has need for scholarshipe.
    so I hope to you as posible as help of above subject
    with best regards and co-opp.
    siddique parekh.


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