Eid-ul –Adha message -Let’s celebrate the legacy of Ibrahim together


By Dr.M Qutubuddin

Muslims all over the world observed Eid-ul –adha under the shadow of covid-19 pandemic. Though the fear of pandemic subsided to a lesser extent but the faithful took all the precautionary measures in this regard.

If we pay attention to the philosophy inherent in Eid ul-Adha, many paths will be opened up for us. A select Messenger of the Righteous One, Prophet Ibrahim (a.s.), made a sacrifice on Eid al-Adha. In some cases, sacrificing your loved ones is beyond sacrificing your life.

Therefore, Eid-ul –Adha is celebration of the life and legacy of Abraham, (may God’s peace and blessing be upon him).

Abraham, Avraham, Ibrahim, and Brahma is the patriarch of many religions and nations including the Judaism, Christianity, and Islam and Hinduism. His piety, selflessness and standing for truth are phenomenal.

The sacrifice of his son Ismail is symbolic of his utmost dedication and devotion to god which represents his altruism and self-actualization.

Prophet Ibrahim was about to sacrifice a loved one in the way of God – a young child whom Allah the Exalted had bestowed on him at an old age after a lifetime of waiting. “Praise be to Allah, Who has given me in old age Ismail and Ishaq. Most surely my Lord is the Hearer of prayer.” [The Holy Quran, 14: 39] Allah the Exalted had bestowed these two sons on him at an old age, probably after a lifetime of impatient waiting. He had no hope of getting another child at that age.

Only by sacrificing one’s ego, and selfishness one can achieve close relationships with the ultimate truth that’s God.

This sacrifice is a symbol for the faithful people who want to tread the path of truth, transcendence and perfection. This is impossible without a sacrifice. In fact, all the tests that we go through involve one essential element – all tests involve a sacrifice. Sometimes this involves sacrificing your life and wealth. Other times it involves forgiving somebody for a comment he makes and insists on stubbornly.

Today,   this occasion of Eid-ul -Adha that’s the festival of sacrifice brings all the nations together with the message of love, peace, joy and happiness which is much needed during this testing time due to corona pandemic.

Let’s celebrate the legacy of Ibrahim and his message of humanity together.


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