Elections 2014 are purely the game of money


modi_ad_20140310.jpgBy Ali Javed ,

Elections 2014 are purely the elections of money and false propaganda. This false propaganda has been institutionalized in the minds of people. It all started at the time of Anna Movement. Anna movement saw the decline and exposure of the Congress led UPA Government. This moment marked the intense anti-congress sentiment in the country. At this time the communal party of India- BJP realized the importance of the events that were occurring.  Amidst this anti-congress zeal BJP saw a chance to propagate its propaganda of hatred under the umbrella of development. There was a need of a leader that could reflect both these ideologies in a single leader. Who else could have been a better choice? The executor of the Gujarat riots and the Chief minister of a traditionally industrial state. A perfect candidate who could propagate the communal hatred under the strong roof of development. At this time when the communal forces had decided their obvious choice in their hidden chambers, the exponents of the Anna Movement had decided to take on with the nationalist parties on corruption under the strong leadership of Arvind Kejriwal. They formed a political party that represented the common man symbolically as well as ideologically. Their first step towards the execution of their ideology was to contest in the Delhi assembly elections. At this time Congress was a ruling party in Delhi. So AAP’s obvious target was demolishing Congress from their roots and establishing the ground for themselves.


During all this time of tussle between Congress and AAP in Delhi, BJP was busy promoting their own propaganda on national and international level. They made best use of this situation for their own benefit. Narendra Modi was declared the PM candidate of BJP, RSS Shivsena, NDA and the entire communal forces one can imagine. But he was on move under the banner of development. This was obviously done to avoid attention towards their concealed aims. Narendra Modi was moving across the nation addressing rallies not as a PM candidate but almost as PM itself. This was the First Stage of their campaigning for power. The Gujarat Model of Development was their first tool to project Narendra Modi as a strong, decisive, just leader representing the figure of a man of development. To achieve this end they used the power of the combination of print media, visual media, social media and the corporate lobby. Support from the corporate lobby was the most essential part of the plan. This was because a lot of money needed for executing their plan. Now the best part is BJP knew this well in advance as if they were planning this from a very long time even longer than we have anticipated. They knew that without the support of the corporate world they could achieve nothing. I have come to understand as a fact being a student of economics that everything revolves around money. And the people who hold this money have all the power in the world. In fact i must rather say that the big corporate houses hold all the power. They have directly or indirectly control over all the forms of media. So whosoever they chose as their representatives, they chose the representatives as the country as well. We know that BJP in terms of their monetary policies is a rightist group or simply speaking they are pro corporates. And hence simply deriving from the facts the corporates are pro BJP. So during all this time BJP with the support of the corporates were busy building an opinion that completely benefits them nationwide.

But as we have discussed that all this time AAP and congress were busy pulling each other down, failed to anticipate BJP’s strategies. Now the time had come that Arvind Kejriwal with support from Congress had formed his government at the centre. This was the time and the short period of tome preceding the assembly elections that Arvind Kejriwal and party anticipated the BJP agenda. All that time they were in government they started hitting BJP headon along with hitting the Congress. They had realized the bigger game that was shaping in background of the Delhi Assembly Elections.

We have yet not discussed the role of Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi is a politician not meant for politicking by his very nature. He is a kind gentleman with great reforms in his mind but with the absence of qualities of selling himself like Modi does. Absence of this quality along with the aftermath of the Anna Movement had weakened his already weak position. All this while after his entry in politics he was shaping himself to be able to sell himself but The contemporary Indian Political scenario is proved to be really bad for Rahul Gandhi’s political career. It is however not poor Rahul who needs to be blamed for this. But his time for taking charge of Congress has not suited him at all. He assumed charge of the party when it was in dark and surrounded by all the scandals that the party had committed. But we fail to recognize that these scandals were in no way on account of Rahul Gandhi. His time for taking command of the party unfortunately matched with the party’s downfall for which in noway he is responsible. But Mr. Gandhi came with a new structure planned for the party and the nation which we fail to realize. This is because we are so much involved in seeing Rahul through the damaged lens of the congress lead UPA government that we fail to contemplate his ideology. Amidst all this, media who should have played the role of realizing this have completely failed to even perceive the simple truth. They seem to be driven by the anti congress zeal themselves. Then should we recognize such a weak media as a valid testimony for shaping our views on the contemporary Indian Political scenario. Should we rather than celebrate but criticize journalists like Arnab Gosawami who in his exclusive interview of Mr. Gandhi seemed to be deliberately avoiding to question on his ideology and instead asking questions that were of least importance. But we do not do so because we take the reality at the face of it without even trying to realize that there maybe a different side of the reality that would be truer and more compelling. We are not interested to strain are minds to rationally think but we are manipulated by the false truth that we are being deliberated induced with. But recently Rahul has again caught up some momentum. All though it is still not enough but he is trying well. The bigger problem that has arisen now within Congress is the lack of passion within the senior leaders. Apart from Rahul and Sonia no other leader seams to be actively participating in the Elections 2014.

Coming back to Arvind Kejriwal’s attack on BJP after assembly election and especially after resigning from the Chief Minister’s post. Now he has started to openly campaign against the BJP that till now he was doing only against Congress. The shift of AAP from Congress to BJP has led the BJP leader’s to declare AAP as Congress’s B party. They fail to realize that it was this party and its leaders that were the biggest reason for Congress’s downfall and not them. So is it not safer to say that AAP is BJP’s B party first. In reality both the arguments are fallacious. BJP is now campaigning fully against AAP as AAP has truly anticipated their agendas. Now AAP has become a bigger threat to their propaganda. So hence the harsh retaliation against them.

Till now Modi was talking about Secularism not literally but at least rhetorically. But they have now realized that they have shaped the opinion of whole of India but not the Muslims. So now Modi has started to play his communal card openly by targeting the Indian meat export industry. Although major businesses in this industry are also held by Hindus but majority of the industry is controlled by the Muslims. So Modi is now directly threatening the Muslims economically. He has already attacked them socially and even physically. This is going to be his final attack for destroying the Muslim population as a whole.
He has fabricated his threat against the industry in the for of pink revolution.

Even today after the Babri Masjid sting operation, the BJP leaders have declared the topic insignificant even for discussion. It reflects their thinking towards Muslims. This may also be their final card of polarizing the population in their favor when they have realized that they are never going to get the support of the Muslims.

All the religious factors aside, let us take their model of development. Modi is clearly stating his support for the growth in disguise of development. Where growth in a country can be due to the benefit for very few, development is for a country as a whole. Modi’s Gujarat model of development and proposed model of development of nation may be a model of growth but it can never be a model of development. Even without coming yet into power, he has declared his gas prices in benefit of the corporates and not in the benefit of the people. So how can then he be even conceived as a man of development. And growth is still being observed in the Indian Economy. So how then is BJP different from the Congress when both of their basic ideologies are same.

We have yet not discussed why the corporate lobby has taken away its support from Congress. Rahul Gandhi in his recent speeches from almost the time the corporate lobby shifted its support to BJP has been talking more for the benefit of the poor rather than speaking for the benefit of the corporates. He is talking about the inclusive growth model which would ensure a fairer distribution of money within the people of the nation. I believe that the corporate lobby had imagined the aftermath of this model for themselves. Where it sure would have been beneficial for the common man, it was adversely affect the corporates.

BJP and Modi were if only honest proponents of true Hindutva which like any other religion teaches to live in harmony with everyone could be defended on its own ideology. But it simply is an anti Muslim lobby that is more interested in destroying the Muslims rather than uplifting the Hindus. If only all of us could understand this simple fact then Congress and BJP would never be able to use us for their own benefits and we would form a better nation religiously, socially, politically and even economically.

Now it depends upon us, how we see the nation united or divided?


  Ali Javed is a student of Amity University, Noida.


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