Entire company of Delhi Armed Police suspended for abandoning sensitive zone on Eid day

Delhi Police

NEW DELHI : In a major action for dereliction of duty, personnel of an entire company of a Delhi Armed Police battalion were placed under suspension for not being found at the locations they were deployed in old Delhi to prevent any untoward incident on Eid-ul-Fitr on Tuesday.

IANS is in possession of the order by DCP, North, suspending 60 constables of a company of the DAP’s 3rd Battalion.

A source told this news agency that this battalion was called from Vikas Puri to perform duty on Eid at Sadar Bazar and nearby area of Red Fort as these are most sensitive zones.

“It was 3rd Battalion of our force called from Vikas Puri. Chandni Chowk and nearby area is sensitive. On Eid, we wanted to deploy more security personnel to maintain law and order situation and to avoid any untoward incident. But these personnel were not found at their locations. We marked all of them as absent and placed them under suspension,” the source said.

Ahead of Eid, police had got information that anti-social elements could disrupt peace and harmony across Delhi and in a bid to thwart their nefarious plans, a number of such companies were deployed at various locations.

“At 9.15 p.m. the company left without any information. They were not on at duty point. In this regard, it is submitted that on receipt of above information, the staff deployed from 3rd Batallion, have been marked as absent and placed under suspension,” read the order. — IANS


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