‘Exclusive colleges for Muslim girls in Karnataka not a good idea’

Muslim Women Students

KALABURGI : President of JD(S) Karnataka unit, C.M. Ibrahim, slammed ruling BJP and the Wakf Board for attempting to establish exclusive colleges for Muslim girls.

Speaking to reporters in Kalaburagi, Ibrahim stated that the state government should think of imparting education in the interest of all sections of society. “Does anyone open separate colleges for Muslims and Hindus?” Ibrahim questioned.

The mind is not functioning properly for the ruling BJP leaders. The decision of the Wakf Board in this regard is also incorrect, he stated.

Behind the decision of the Wakf Board, there is a long term scheme of ruling establishment. There is a systematic attempt to make few sections of society devoid of education, Ibrahim opined.

In another five months, the ruling BJP government will go as it completes its tenure. BJP leaders at this time are talking about starting colleges? “We will come to power and start colleges for all in future,” he said.

Those colleges will impart education to all sections and poor sections of society. We will establish colleges at hobli levels, he stated.

After the controversy erupted over the issue, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai had clarified that there is no discussion at the government levels to start separate colleges for Muslim women. — IANS


  1. If pardah nikab burkha is not allowed for muslim girls in educational institutions then this is no more a secular country.
    In that case separate educational institutions exclusively for muslim girls with purdah nikab burkha as uniform must be opened allowing girls of other religions accepting that uniform.
    Ibrahim is a nut. He should either get Hindus to allow muslim girls with purdah nikab burkha admitted in their educational institutions or shut up.
    All government educational institutions are run by Islam hating unsecular Hindus just like guys running BJP RSS run government.

    • It is strange that the FOUNDERS of the INDIAN variety of secularism DISAGREED with you, despite being INTERNATIONALLY respected & QUALIFIED? Oh yes your HINDUTVA TERRORIST shot the Father of the nation.

      Would you say that a SIKH wearing a Turban in school , or armed forcesalso makes India no longer a secular country?


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