Five suspected SIMI terrorists arrested in Odisha


arrest, suspectBhubaneswar, Feb 17 : Five suspected terrorists of banned outfit Students’ Islamic Movement of India (SIMI), who had escaped from a ajil in Madhya Praddesh, have been arrested in Odisha’s Rourkela city, police said on Wednesday.

The five terrorists, including a woman, were absconding from Khandwa Jail in Madhya Pradesh and were nabbed late Tuesday from a house in steel city of Rourkela in a joint operation by Odisha police, Telangana police and Intelligence Bureau.

The arrested have been identified as Mohammad Khalid, Amjad Khan, Zakir Khan, Mahboob Khan and his mother Najma, said Director General of Police (DGP) K.B. Singh.

Special Director General of Police (Intelligence) Arun Sarangi said they were arrested after three-hour-long operation jointly conducted by tactical unit of Odisha’s special operation group, Telangana police and Intelligence Bureau (IB) officials.

“All are involved in the activities of SIMI in Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. They were using a false identity and staying in Rourkela to collect money through dacoity for their other operations. All five hail from Madhya Pradesh and are also wanted by NIA,” said K.B. Singh.

The five were also involved in a bank robbery and are suspected to be involved in several terror activities outside the state, said Sarangi.

The arrested people belong to Khandwa region of Madhya Pradesh and are reported to be involved in at least 17 other cases.

The police said at least five guns and several bullets have been seized from their possession.—IANS


  1. Random arrest of Muslim Youth , branding them Terrorists instantly on TV breaking news , without any investigation & prosecution is unfair & biased. Young Muslim men are often jailed for long periods on terror charges with fabricated & false evidence with concocted stories. This is a police sham and investigation scandal of enormous proportion for our nation. An immeasurable damage is done to the life’s of hundreds of innocent Muslim youth and their suffering families in the name of Sham terror investigation by ATS and police and now NIA. frame muslim youth / students under false and fabricated terror charges and built up imaginary cases. Sorry state of affairs of investigation agencies & Ruling party . There is a realistic data which shows large number of young Muslims are put in prison with imaginary cases without trial or charge-sheet for years. The police and the media are deep prejudice against Muslims continue…Police & government has branded the Muslims as “Terrorists & Jihadi ,” though it is not known & proved they have committed any acts of violence & crime in court of law… Evil isis war happening Continents away from India, but Indian youth branded isis fighters ,Terrorist, jihadi in India ,,, This is juss too much filmy stories by police & investigation dept.


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