Five Tablighi Jamat members were arrested by RPF from Simanchal Express at Tundla Junction

By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi,: The Railway Protection Force (RPF) have arrested five members of Tablighi Jamat when they were returning from Nizamuddin  Markaz to their home  by Simanchal Express on Thursday, said a Jamat member.

The RPF personnel took Abu Bakar (52) Abu Salma (35) Shahnawaz alias Chotu (30) Aftab (35) and Fuzail (40) under their custody on Tundla Junction at 11 am.

Three of those arrested are from Nepal while two are from Araria district in Bihar.

Today morning a group of more than 100 Tablighi members boarded Seeemanchal Express at Anand Vihar Terminal, when the train reached at Tundla Junction the RPF personal entered  their coach and arrested  them.

‘The RPF personnel tried to take away three persons with them forcibly. When two another members of the team objected, the RPF men also arrested them’ informed a member to the headquarters who was part of the team.

They have come to attend a Jod at Nizamuddin.

The arrested persons have been sent to Lucknow, informed a  local member of Tableegh from Tundla.


6 thoughts on “Five Tablighi Jamat members were arrested by RPF from Simanchal Express at Tundla Junction

  1. Tabligh Jamat is an apolitical movement. They even avoid informal meetings with delegation of social organisations. Their local leaders discourage their volunteers in having affiliation even with genuinely- working political leadership.Still SDPI is avowed to take up matter of every injustice In this case of indiscriminate arrests of members of Tabligh Jamat vehemently object to draconian act and is duty bound to extend all the help to the victims of state terrorism if any such a request is made. Sharfuddin Ahmad.Vice President,sdpi

  2. Tabligh jamat is so much apolitical that even privately they don’t discuss politics much to the displeasure of other muslims. For this very reason no country including Russia stop them from entering their country. They don’t even preach other than what is very personal of islam like be good to all, offer namaz five times a day,go for haj, observe ramzan fasting etc. It is sheer non sense to arrest them. Saffron gangs are doing everything unlawful. People holding big positions etc speak and act fearlessly. Anyway we right now live in communal India. Hopefully 2019 will usher in Secularism once again.

    1. Is Secularism for Hindus only? Are you saying that 2019, Hindus will become Secular but Muslim will stay Muslim.

      BJP may lose power, but Secularism crap is not going to be acceptable. Just see in MP, when Vande Mataram was removed to please Muslims, then how general Public reacted. Vande Mataram is back now with police band.

      Today, Congress runs from temple to temple to show they are Secular to core. India and Hindu Youth have changed.

      It is need for Muslim to become Secular in India. 4 wives, instant Talaq, an Army of Children, Wife sharing in disguise of Halala are not Secular practices.

      Unless Muslim agree to Uniform Civil Code as practiced in other non Muslim Secular Democratic countries where Muslims live, it can’t be said that Muslims are Secular now.

      Muslim can’t block roads or parks for Namaj without permission, can’t disturb people with Azans 5 times a day 365 days year.. now that would be Secularism.

      I agree with you that Modi has been not oy disappointment but a failure as leader of Majority community. Modi was voted by Hindus on promises of Ram Mandir. Uniform Civil Code, article 370 and nothing happened.

      Now Hindus are looking for new Masiha or new leader who is thousands times stronger than Modi like Aung San Suu Kyi of Myanmar, Xi of China or Putin or Bush etc Insha Allah.

      Hindus today find that Secularism is biggest and criminal fraud forced on them. Word Secular was never in Ambedkar’s constitution.

  3. Muslims always pray for freedom and security and genuine Hidayah for all innocent Humanity- Muslims and non Muslims!

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