Flowers for kanwariyas, and action against namazi: Owaisi slams UP Police’s doublespeak


By M M Desk
New Delhi : AIMIM  MP Asaduddin Owaisi drew a comparison between the Uttar Pradesh Police’s order on kanwariyas (Shiva devotees) and Muslims offering namaz in public.

In a tweet, Owaisi wrote, “UP Cops literally showered petals for Kanwariyas, but namaz once a week can mean disrupting peace & harmony. This is telling Muslims: aap kuch bhi karlo, ghalti to aapki hi hogi (No matter what you do, it is your fault). Also, by law, how does one hold an MNC liable for what their employees do in individual capacity?”


AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi has slammed Noida police’s latest order against the offering of namaz in public places, alleging that the directive is hypocritical. Owaisi drew a comparison between the police’s stance on kanwariyas (Shiva devotees) and Muslims.

On Tuesday, the Uttar Pradesh Police wrote to private companies and offices in Noida’s industrial hub to ensure that their employees don’t offer namaz in open public spaces, including parks.
According to a notice issued by the Sector 58 police station, companies located in the industrial area will be held responsible, if Muslim employees are found offering namaz in open public spaces. They have been asked to offer Friday prayers during work hours in mosques, idgahs or inside the premises of the company.


  1. We live in Secular India under Secular constitution. This is our country. Learn to understand reality. Come out of dreams. Dalits, muslims, Seculars, Christians and communists,all have nothing to do with Hinduism. They are 80 per cent of the population of India. With bramanical rule under Modi all these 80 per cent are uniting. Blessings in disguise. Those who want the constitution replaced with Manu Smriti are anti national elements.

    • Originally our constitution was not having any mentioning of word secular. It was Congress who included it for vote bank politics. After partition Pakistan and Bangladesh became ‘Islamic’ republic. Why can’t India become Hindu republic in which all citizens across religion and community can stay except Muslims.


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