Former SC judge slams Delhi Police for arresting Zubair and not Nupur Sharma

Deepak Gupta

By Muslim Mirror Staff

Former Supreme Court judge Deepak Gupta on Tuesday said that role of the Delhi Police comes under question when they arrest Mohammed Zubair for a photo that in public domain for 40 years but take no action against Nupur Sharma despite her controversial remarks on Prophet Muhammad.


“If she [Sharma] could say that…which had a much bigger propensity to incite violence… but she is not arrested, Zubair is…Then some questions do arise on the fairness of the police,” Gupta said, in an interview to Live Law.

He also expressesed concern about the worrying trend of courts denying bail without proper examination. He said that it was “worrying” to see that many judges are scared to grant bail.

The retired judge said that something was amiss in the way Zubair was arrested.

Gupta said that nobody had complained about the movie for 40 years. “How was it [the tweet] reported based on one anonymous complaint?” he asked.

Gupta also expressed surprise at the way in which a complaint by an anonymous account was quickly probed by the police.


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