Freedom: The price of shared sweating

Sheikh Abubakr Ahmad

By Sheikh Abubakr Ahmad

Freedom is a state that is best understood in its absence! When the movement and affairs of state and citizens are determined by an external agency we feel irritated. However, we seldom realize the fact that, the sweetness of freedom we now enjoy has been brought fought with foreign invaders by the collective efforts of all sections of our predecessors, disregarding religion, caste, colour or demography, and it is precious and priceless.

The privilege to enjoy freedom in its true sense is equal to all Indians, for it is their birthright as the great freedom fighter Tilak said. Anyone trying to deny this right is doing so against the Constitution and judiciary of the state.

Our country is a free republic, that does not mean anybody can act at his free will. Any intervention in stately affairs should be in conformity with the Constitution and law of the country. The freedom, privacy and Constitutional rights of any citizen should not be curtailed or encroached.

The thoughts of freedom within the individual should not be the impetus to take any extreme actions leading to violence and injustice. Rulers are the guardians of our Constitution and it is their responsibility to work for the progress of the nation and promote its unity and integrity. This can be best achieved by providing basic, advanced and skill oriented education and involving in need based and sustainable humanitarian projects, wherever required.

India is a feeling that unites billions of people across diversity. Peaceful co existence and individual freedom are injured when anyone destroy these differences and going to extreme actions, to gain supremacy over the other.

Only when there exist a unity in diversity, only when the weakest among us share the fruits of progress, only when the state resources are equally distributed,
only when wholesome development is envisaged, we realize and enjoy the freedom in its  literary sense, and this must be the message we share for the coming generations.

Happy Independence Day to all Indians!!


Sheikh Abubakr Ahmad is
Grand Mufti of India.


  1. Ha Ha !!

    Enjoying Billions as minority benefits with no contribution to the freedom struggle. Their only contribution was to the Khilafat movement that was also headed by a so-called, Hindu- Mohan Bhai Jaan.


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