“Ghar Waapsi” A ploy to push anti-conversion bill and the second round of Privatisation

An Indian tribesperson (R, foreground) participates in a conversion ritual of some 200 Christians into Hinduism, at Aranai Village in Valsad district of Gujarat state, some 350 kms from Ahmedabad, on December 20, 2014. Hardline Hindu groups came under fire December 21 after some 200 Christians were converted in the Indian prime minister's home state, amid increasing concern at the right-wing government's perceived pro-Hindu tilt. AFP PHOTO / STR

The Ghar Waapsi (Home-coming to Hindu fold) movement is in fact a well thought out and well planned attempt at bringing a new law which would make conversion almost impossible, and through the expected nationwide raucous, to silently roll through the second round of privatisation opines Dr. Javed Jamil.


“Ghar Waapsi” programmes are being organized with fanfare all over the country. The impression is being disseminated that hundreds of Christian and Muslim families are returning back to their ancestors’ religion. Not only the reports of the conversions through offers of money and other rewards are appearing thick and fast, there is also a distinct possibility of inflated claims about the numbers. There are also no proofs that those paraded are really Muslims or Christians.

Are Hindutva organizations really interested in Ghar Waapsi? The dominant possibility is that they are not. They very well know that if such open methods of attracting people towards their religions are adopted by Muslims and Christians, the chances of Hindus converting in big numbers are even higher. The Ghar Waapsi movement is in fact a well thought out and well planned attempt at bringing a new law which would make conversion almost impossible, and through the expected nationwide raucous, to silently roll through the second round of privatisation. The anti-conversion law, they believe, would ensure that the ratio of Hindus and other communities will not change in favour of other communities. By making Ghar Waapsi movement a big issue, they seek to force Christian and Muslim leaders to accept the anti-conversion bill. Already some Muslim panelists appearing on TV debates can be seen favouring the idea of the new Act.

Muslim and Christian leaders need to reacognize the hidden motive, and they need to oppose any such move because it will be against the very essence of the Constitution, which recognizes Freedom of Conscience as a fundamental right of every citizen, and an ant-conversion act will amount to snatching this right away from him. What is to be ensured is not that no conversion takes place at all, but that no conversion takes place through force or lure of any kind.

The larger motive however is bigger, and the chances are that even other “secular” parties may be privy to it. With the “Ghar Waapsi” movement gaining momentum, the communal bomb seems to be heading towards huge explosion. This is the kind of the trigger which can explode the bomb within no time with a devastating effect on the country. When privatisation was sought to be introduced in 1980s, the communal agenda was set into motion with the launching of Ayodhya Movement. The country forgot about what was boiling at the economic front; and the political and social parties including the leftists busied themselves in combating the monster of communalism. This continued till the privatisation got fully entrenched. The situation was then allowed to settle down. Now, the second round of corporatisation seems to have begun. Privatisation is again in full swing, and every government scheme – good as well as bad, is being tuned in to suit the interests of the big business.

The forces of the economics including the corporate and the government supporting them know the likely effects of the move on the public mind. They fear that the forces that are more concerned about the common people can embark upon a nationwide campaign against the corporatisation. It is therefore necessary that the public mind is kept busy somewhere else. What else can be the best option other than using the time-tested card of communalism?  With the hatred engulfing the nation, the social forces and the political parties like Congress, Janata Parivar and Communists will again be busy in countering the communalisation. The forces of economics can play their cards without attracting the public attention. Once the second round is finished, the situation will be eased again for some years in wait of a suitable time for the next round.  

According to the following report, the key areas which are being described as “reforms” by the industry — remembering that “reforms” almost always means the ways by which the big industrial giants can monopolise the wealth of the country – are as under:


The government needs approval during a parliamentary session ending on Dec. 23 to allow overseas investors to hold a 49 percent stake in insurance companies, up from the current 26 percent cap. The law would also raise the cap for the pension industry. The opposition has not yet promised support needed to pass the law in upper house. The industry expects that raising the cap would result in $2 billion of inflows into insurance.


The government wants to make it easier to buy land for infrastructure and industrial projects, possibly by exempting public-private partnerships from an act passed last year. Opposition parties are expected to resist. Modi could seek to change the law in a joint session of both houses of parliament or by decree early next year. Road projects alone worth $10 billion face delays over land disputes and other clearances.


Modi has moved to amend archaic labour laws, reducing regulatory interference while coaxing employees with more benefits. Earlier this week, parliament approved a bill to simplify the process of complying with 16 labour laws for small companies employing up to 40 workers by placing the forms online. The government will have to overcome union resistance to move forward on relaxing restrictions on hiring and firing.


The government wants to move a constitutional amendment in the ongoing session of parliament, then win the consent of state assemblies to implement India’s first nationwide service tax union by April 2016. If successful, economists say the measure could add 2 percentage points to GDP growth. Most state governments are on board, but the main opposition Congress has still not given its backing. Consensus is still missing on the final GST tax rates – recommendations vary from 16 percent to 27 percent.


The government plans to raise nearly $9.5 billion by selling stakes in state-run and private companies including oil explorer ONGC (ONGC.NS) and Coal India <COAL .NS> by March. Analysts doubt whether the target will be achieved. Market valuations are high and Modi seems determined to overcome labour union opposition to the Coal India sale, but the government has started the sell off late in the financial year. Separately, the government has reiterated its commitment to lowering its stake in public sector banks, while retaining a majority holding. It has not given a timeline.


The government plans to cut wasteful subsidies on fuel, fertiliser and food, estimated at over 21 percent of total estimated revenue receipts in 2014/15. It has ended diesel subsidies and is waiting for a panel’s report to announce next steps, possibly in the annual budget in February. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has suggested subsidies on cooking gas could be slashed for the well-off.


Coal fields are due to be auctioned by February, followed by plans to allow commercial coal mining for the first time, and to invite in foreign miners. The government used an executive decree to bring about the changes. Now it needs parliamentary support.


The government is planning the sale of mobile telephone and FM radio spectrum in early 2015.”


Except for the Left parties, the present Indian political set-up including the so-called “Samajwadis” are all the agents of the corporate, the difference being in the degree. The BJP of course remains the extreme right group in India. The Leftist movement has become too weak to withstand the onslaught of privatization. They had made the historical blunder by forgetting the economic agenda in the Communal Strife of the late 1980s and the early 1990s. There is hardly any possibility that they will not repeat the blunder. They would not understand that the biggest anti-dote to communalism will be to counter the monopolization of wealth. Even if they want, they are hardly in a position to mobilize the masses. Congress suffered defeat in the last elections primarily because the Corporate world had lost faith in its leadership. It is likely that they may opt for the faith of the corporate rather than mobilizing the masses against the steps that will accentuate Economic Disparity to new heights. Power, after all, is what everyone is aiming for.


  • Dr Javed Jamil is India based thinker and writer with over a dozen books including his latest, “Quranic Paradigms of Sciences & Society” (First Vol: Health), “Muslims Most Civilised, Yet Not Enough” and “Muslim Vision of Secular India: Destination & Road-map”. Other works include “The Devil of Economic Fundamentalism”, “The Essence of the Divine Verses”, “The Killer Sex”, “Islam means Peace” and “Rediscovering the Universe”. He can be contacted atdoctorforu123@yahoo.com or 91-8130340339. For his shayri visit http://urduyouthforum.org/shayari/poet-Dr-Javed-Jamil.html


  1. >>> it [anti-conversion law] will be against the very essence of the Constitution, which recognizes Freedom of Conscience as a fundamental right of every citizen, and an ant-conversion act will amount to snatching this right away from him. <<<

    The constitution recognizes freedom of religion. This has different connotations to different people. To the Pope, whose statements Dr. Jamil often decries, it means freedom to proselytize and to convert without any restrictions as in China. It also means to him that other religions do not have the freedom to poach his faithful flock.
    Freedom of religion is his fundamental right he posits, when speaking to the world. I wrote elsewhere:

    "It is a dubious doctrine, this freedom…
    He means he must have the unfettered right to proselyte and increase the lord’s flock.
    And that other religions or states must not come in his way.

    He interprets the ‘word’ he says.
    Of God!
    Not just for the flock !!
    But all men.

    This freedom is not available to other religions! Like Marxism.
    Or other states! Like China.
    That freedom would impinge on his own.
    That is not allowed.

    They do not have the religious freedom to poach his flock.
    Nor has the flock freedom to walk away – from the pen!

    It is the Lord’s word."

    To the ullema it means in addition that apostasy attracts death, meaning there is no freedom of conscience.
    The teaching of the Quran is in fact anti-constitutional. Not only does it say that it teaches the true religion it enjoins on its followers to bring all to the true religion. I had said earlier [elsewhere]:
    "This doctrine [of Final Truth] says;
    THIS is the true religion.
    All others are false.
    It is your duty to bring ALL to the true.


    So the Muslims, if allowed their freedom of religion take away the freedom of others to follow their conscience because of their religious duty. An anti-conversion law is in line with the constitution.

  2. True to your mission of anti-Islamic and anti-Muslim hatred, which I have been confronting for quite some time, instead of focusing on my main point, which is to use the movement for the purpose of distracting attention from the Second Round of Privatisation, you have used this to further your own mission of hatred. History knows well that crores of Buddhists were proselyted by Hindus centuries back in the name of “Ghar Waapasi” and now again they are openly declaring similar plans.

    Mr Guylati, I would ask you to focus more on the realmotive: Privatization.

    • Mr. Jamil,
      You are a ‘thinker’.
      So why can’t you stand up to intellectual rigour.
      I have countered your proposition that ant-conversion law is against the very essence of the constitution.
      I have made out a case that it is in line with the constitution.
      Can you carry on the discussion from there?

    • similarly Mr. Jamil .. crores of Hindus and Buddhist were forced to change their religion under the mughal invasion in Indonesia, Pakistan and so onn which are now a muslim country … please say something on that too , otherwise u can go to wikipedia and check urself .. plz dont be biased

  3. Ghar Waapsi is nothing but a Ghar Bachaoo, because RSS and its sister organisation are on all out efforts to spread lies on conversions issues, but without knowing the true Hinduism and without having a knowledge of Islam. People has already discarded the myth and many are accepting the truth ? Now the truth has reached within RSS camps, and some of the RSS cadres has accepted the truth, soon you will be heard on media !

  4. okk so its gud that they want Anti conversion law … y r u guys crying over it , no1 will be able to change their fates … so wats the prob ??

    • Why Anti Conversion Law ? where as Indian constitution have given freedom “Every citizen of India has a right to practice and promote their religion peacefully”. where as RSS and its supporters does not understand the law because it say peacefully ? In RSS ideology the word peace is never exist, so therefor people like you did not understand, even you take 7 rebirth.

      • yaa now i see y u guys dont want anti conversion law so that u can convert more ppl , but u guys dont accept the fact that muslims are accepting hinduism … u biased cunt

        • I said “RSS and its supporters does not understand the law because it say peacefully ? In RSS ideology the word peace is never exist, so therefore people like you did not understand, even you take 7 rebirths” so don’t try to understand !

          • and in which of ur dictionary the word Peace is mentioned .. and even if it is mentioned u guys r far away from it .

          • As long as you follow Godse ideology you do not have the word peace in your dictionary and how you will recognize the word peace in others dictionary ?

  5. Okay so this makes Hindus converting to other religions tough.
    Its absolutely fine. Whats your problem Javed??
    In Islam its already a rule rite? “One who coverts to other religions being a muslim should be stoned to death”. In a big way.. Whats your problem if someone else too imposes ?

    • why should it be tough for people to change their views and it’s the government that wants to regulate change ! that’s rich !
      One comes across so many people who were Christians or Muslims but are Hindus in ethos and practice today.The Muslims and Christians don’t have a problem when their rank or file moves to the other side..they have the confidence to withstand but obviously the “religion that is centuries older “doesn’t have that confidence hence the “anti-conversion law”. The fake Agra cnversions wee carried out so that the “anti-conversion law” could be passed . These tactics are not going to work !

      • do u have a problem with anti conversion law , or u have a problem with BJP doing Ghar wapsi on a large scale ? … if ppl r converting on their own wish so y post this article at all …

        • Yes we objection to anti conversion law, as you have objection communal violence law ? Why BJP is shy away with communal violence law ? Ghar wapsi is nothing but a Ghar bachaoo, because you RSS people did not keep the ghar in order, so that many people are converting to other religion, in order to save their own Ghar they started foul play and created this funda, don’t worry they will never succeed in their life time.

          • try try and try until u succeed … after 5 years when we have completely ruptured ur spine , we wil go to Indonesia to do ghar waapsi … history is repeating itself and its really nice to see ur frustrated faces from BJP

    • @Guest, half knowledge is very dangerous, please read and understand the authentic books and understand what you want to convey. The punishment you read out was for a rapist that to conditional. Neither RSS allow you to read and understand the right Sanatan Dharam nor Islam, which take you to no where ? please read and understand the authentic books.

      • “The definition and appropriate punishment for apostasy in Islam is controversial, and it varies among Islamic scholars.[9] In Islam’s history, the vast majority of scholars have held that apostasy in Islam is a crime punishable with the death penalty, typically after a waiting period to allow the apostate time to repent and return to Islam.” Source – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apostasy_in_Islam
        Read it Prophet Zameer.

        • You RSS Khakhi chaddis helpless and hopeless. I cleary said to understand Islam you will have to have the right and authentic book and source. if you are copying from unauthentic source you will landed in a mess and showing and proving your illiteracy. Please read and understand your myth first and compare the difference with others later.

          • Zameer not sure how much you know, understand Islam. lol illiteracy..

            Go through the below Sections
            Syariah (Sharia’a) Penal Code. Section 112(1)
            Article 98(f) of Egyptian Penal Code, as amended by Law 147
            broad blasphemy law (Article 156) and a Presidential Decree (1965)
            The blasphemy laws of Kuwait, such as Law 111 of its Penal Code
            Article 306 of the criminal code of Mauritania
            Article 41 of the Moroccan constitution

            There are many more to be listed and while you (if) go through the sections you will get the number of people executed for apostasy in Islam for the matter of fact, however that is not my intention.

            The matter of fact is while writing Qaran when they anticipated the conversions as they did to other religions, they made a huge attempt to save their religious population by enforcing such laws and now when others do what the issue.

            By the way you are saying chaddis/helpless/hopeless etc. Do you think I cant say anything to Mohammed? Please have this conversation a decent one. Do not poke me. I still respect other religions.

          • Dear Guest, Don’t be so smart by showing the law of other Muslim countries, and blaming Indian Muslims in particular. Indian Muslim follows Islam and abide by the law of the land (Indian constitution) which provide all protection and freedom for all. If you still want to drag Muslims into baseless controversy than I must say you are a foolish.

  6. Brilliant, your words are jumping baseless. Where did you catch up the word Indian Muslims? I never used that word? Why do you separate Indian Muslims btw? Dragging Indian Muslims ? Who is ?
    Smart? Yes I may be but your words are foolish for sure to anyone who sees the chain conversation. baseless. Be on to the topic. If we talk about Islam then whose laws would you refer? Jewish or Israeli?

    • Guest, We are discussing the conversion topics and you jump into the topic and produce the law of punishment in islam and there after you added Egyptian Penal Code, laws of Kuwait, criminal code of Mauritania and Moroccan constitution and now you want to talk on laws of Islam. First be specific and sincere wat you want to discuss on the topic conversion, laws of different countries or the laws of Islam and the purpose.

    • first of all please reveal your real identity i.e hinduism( in all probability) ,jew or christian or whatever you are than i think the debate would be more interesting by turning the pages of scriptures you believe in.

    • Describe me the word respect dr mr guest.from u view along with world view.Latter i will post my respect view with all dimension.for KAFIR RESPECT WORD IS SCRAP.THEY START ITS FRM THEIR IDIOLS,photo,……….dnt u see from ur eye.what they do every year in the name of festivals.

  7. hmm back to my first post.
    Its absolutely fine. Whats your problem??
    In Islam its already a rule rite? “One who coverts to other religions being a muslim should be sentenced to death”. In a big way.. Whats your problem if someone else too imposes ?

    And if you say no Islam doesn’t then refer back to my post again.

    • The problem of you people is that you jump into the topic and take some of the words without reading and understand the whole text, what was written under which context, without referring and understand the subject just start jump into the topic started making a hue and cry. If supposed I say ” A muslim father beat his child, who didn’t go to school and wasted his time during school hour”, than people like you started by taking only one sentance “Oh! A muslim father beat his child ? “and add some more masala from your own. Who will teach you what is right and what is wrong, when people like don’t want to know the truth and don’t want to read and understand from the authentic source. In simple words we must say you an ignorant !

  8. It is surprising that the discussion is only centered around the Ghar Wapsi and not on the hidden motive, which is to push the Second Round of Privatization. Almost everyday, news about the so-called reforms are surfacing, the latest being changes in Land Acquisition Act to largely suit the interests of the businessmen. When will the people realiuse the real forces of villainy, which are doing everything to exploit the masses. The Economic Disparity is already high, and if the mass movement against this does not emerge, soon it will scale to much more dangerous heights.

    • Mr. same are my views but me point goes back 14 years ago when congress was in power , y dint you comments on Robert vadra , mamata banerjee , jayalalitha , lalu , Nitish kumar , azam khan , akhilesh yadav … y only now u are thinking of economic disparity ??

    • i know its is better to start late than never … in that case there should have been a article on Economic policies and urban development , y ghar waapsi ??

  9. @ muslim.. You wanted my identity so that you wanted to know what pages of scriptures I believe in..?

    What an agony.. After my grand parents converted to Christianity from Hindus(Idols) they started to believe in Bible(Book), then my parents and now I am supposed to believe in it. But as a thinker it all looks like trash(Not to hurt your feelings) to me. Neither Idols nor books. I am an Atheist.
    I can never ever believe people are believing that these books are given by GOD(Who is created by us). What an agony..

    Anyways I hope this answers your question.

  10. its a political gimmick by BJP and sangh parivar no doubt.By the way “charity begins at home” let wait and watch when the BJP plans ghar wapsi of Muqtar Naqvi,Shahnawaz hussain and Najma Heptullah.

  11. Same old brain washed!.. Parents or Grand Parents got converted.. you follow like a sheep and no clue whats going on. Calling others ignorant, foolish when loosing the argument. No point wasting time here.. There are many more smart people to talk to. Leaving unless you stick on to topic zameer.


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