Goa: School principal suspended over hijab row


Principal of a school in Goa was suspended by the management after Hindu organisations alleged that he allowed students to visit mosque, where they were allegedly forced to wear hijab.

Director, Directorate of Education, Shailesh Zingade told IANS that he has sought an explanation over the incident from the management of the higher secondary school.

A Muslim organisation reportedly approached the school to send its students to an educational workshop that is being organised by it.

“After interacting with students we came to know that four girls were told to wear Hijab, which they refused. There were eight Maulanas who gave presentations of their religion. They tried to brainwash the students,” one of the persons, who gathered at school demanding suspension of the principal, said.

Chairman of Keshav Smruti Higher Secondary School, Pandurang Korganokar said that principal Shankar Gaonkar has been suspended over the issue.

“We have conducted a preliminary enquiry. We had received a letter from a Muslim organization about an educational workshop. Our 22 students attended the workshop, which included two Hindu and two Christian girl students. There were also students of government higher secondary school for this workshop, who wore scarff while entering the mosque as per their tradition,” he said.

“I have tendered an apology to everyone who called me and also told that the intention of the principal was not bad. He only sent the students for the workshop…” Korgaonkar said.

“They (students) were not forced to wear a scarf, but teachers and students voluntarily wished to wear it. The organisation had conducted a programme — ‘Mosque open for all’. It was just an educational workshop, which students attended,” the Chairman of the school said, adding that he tendered an apology to Bajrang Dal and other Hindu organisations, whose sentiments are hurt.

Korgaonkar said that the management will submit its explanation to the Education Department soon. –IANS


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