Groups of Secretaries to analyse various governance issues

Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi

New Delhi, Oct 28 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday formed 10 new Groups of Secretaries to study various governance issues, and asked them to submit their reports on by the end of November, an official statement said.

As compared to the earlier groups, which worked on specific themes, the focus of the groups this time will be on sectors, such as agriculture, energy, transport etc, it said.

The Prime Minister met all the secretaries to the Union government. Cabinet Ministers and Ministers of State with independent charges were also present at the meeting.

“The Prime Minister urged the Secretaries to undertake a critical review of the work done by the Union government in the respective sectors that they will be studying. He also asked them to engage young officers to research related issues,” the statement aid.

Speaking of demographic dividend, the Prime Minister said all groups must prioritize harnessing the strengths of the 800 million youth of India as part of their recommendations.

He said that the team of Secretaries has the “collective wisdom and experience to create policies to fulfil the hopes and aspirations of India’s people” and exhorted them to put their best foot forward to the task ahead.

The Cabinet Secretary made a brief presentation on the work done so far, as a follow up to the reports presented by the eight Groups of Secretaries to the Prime Minister in January this year.—IANS


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