Growing anger in Gulf over Muslim bashing in India

Princess Hend Al Qassimi

By Syed Ali Mujtaba

India’s former Foreign Secretary M K Rasgotra (1982-85), speaking at the seventh Non Aligned summit held in New Delhi in March 1983, had said; ‘the world has become so interconnected that if you touch a flower here, you may disturb the stars.’


As a school boy, I heard these words on the black and white TV at my sister’s home in New Delhi. His words still keeps ringing into my years and now some 37 years after, when I watch the Corona – Tabligue Jamat link debate, on my Sony HD TV his words becomes prophetic.

This is because the way Islamofobia, communalism and hate mongering against Islam and Muslims is being telecast on the Indian TV sets under state patronage; it definitely has ‘disturbed the stars.’

My concerns are not unfounded because there are two worrying statements coming from two prominent individuals one from the GCC and other from the UAE combing make 11 countries in the gulf region.

These statements even though are coming from individuals and not from state heads is a source of worry to the eight million of Indian expatriates earning their livelihood in the oil rich gulf region. It is also a cause of concern to the families in India who are living on tax free remittances coming from the Gulf region.

The first statement is made by a scholar from Saudi Arabia Mr. Abidi Zahrani who has proposed that Hindus involved in spreading hatred and committing crimes against the Muslims should be sent back to India from GCC countries.

GCC means Gulf Cooperation Council which is a group of six countries in the Persian Gulf region: Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates are its members.

 In a tweet Mr Zahrani said; “Gulf States host millions of Hindus, some of whom are infected with COVID-19 and are treated free of charge regardless of their faith while fascist Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Hindu terrorist gangs while following the Hindutva agenda are committing crimes against its own Muslim citizens.”

Mr Abidi Zahrani further said; “I propose to the respected followers of Islam to list out all the Hindus who are working in the GCC region and spreading hate against Islam, Muslims or our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), to track them and initiate the process to send them back to India.

If this is not music for the Indian ruling elite then the second statement that comes from Princess Hend Al Qassimi, a member of the royal family of United Arab Emirates is poignantly haunting.  Princess Qassimi said, though the ruling family of UAE is “friends with Indians”, but hate Islam hate Muslims campaign is “not welcome”.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) consists of seven independent city-states: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Umm al-Qaiwain, Fujairah, Ajman and Ra’s al-Khaimah.  Around 3.3 million Indians are living in the UAE and they constitute roughly 30 per cent of the country’s population.

Princess Qassimi while responding to a series of “Islamophobic posts” on the micro blog Twitter said anyone who is “openly racist and discriminatory in the UAE will be fined and made to leave” immediately.

The UAE royalty was responding to twitter posts of a Hindu Indian living in UAE targeting Muslims over the March congregation of Tablighi Jamaat in New Delhi. He allegedly used abusive language against the Tablighis, calling them “radical Islamist terrorists”. This micro blogger in his earlier tweet had said, all Islamic organizations “should be kept on vigilant watch or barred” as they only spread violence and unrest.

Taking a note of such unsavory tweets, the UAE royal princess slammed the micro blogger and giving stern warning that such kind of people “will not go unnoticed.”’  “All employees are paid to work, no one comes for free. You make your bread and butter from this land which you scorn and your ridicule will not go unnoticed,” she wrote.

According to our government sources, a total of 3,336 Indians tested positive for Covid-19 infection, majority being in the Gulf region.  There are 2,061 Indians who have been tested positive residing in Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, UAE, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Most of them are getting free treatment in their respective countries.

India as a matter of policy has decided not to bring back its stranded citizens from these countries. The Indian official sources say that Prime Minister Modi had discussions with leaders of the Gulf countries about the welfare of Indians in the Gulf region.

However, the official sources did not divulge upon did what the leaders of the region had told to the Indian Prime Minister. It is on record that the United Arab Emirates has warned of possible action against countries refusing to allow their citizens to return.

Well the other side of the story is always sacrificed in the Indian media and what is heard is what is being told in this country.  It is not true that hate Muslim, hate Islam campaign that is on full throttle scale drummed up in the Indian media is not getting noticed.

TN Ninan, Chairman of Business Standard and a well regard journalist, has boldly said that marginalization of Muslims has become a ‘jan-andolan’ in India.

This statement is somewhat true. Abusing Muslims and denigrating Islam has become the pet theme of the large section of Indian media. This narrative has a cascading impact on the world wide Indians who live on the staple diet and feed on Indian media.

Among them there are many who are living in the so called Islamic countries. Swayed by the tone tenor of Indian media’s diatribe against Muslims and Islam they essay their mind on the social media sites, little knowing what damage they are doing to the fellow expatriates living in the gulf region.

The epic center of the hate mongering is in India. This is because some Indians have labelled the faith of Corona virus to Islam and Muslims are treated as terrorists fighting the Corona Jihad

India’s ruling elite that’s currently gleefully watching the rants of the wounded civilization on their television sets, are taking solace that they are winning the battle in the ‘clash of civilization.’ Little they realize that India rests in the soft belly of the Islam arch, can only survive like a tongue between the jowls.

To cut the story short, the alarming voices have started ringing the bells. The seed of hatred sown in the country in the garb of fight against COVID-19 under the watchful eyes of the current ruling elite will have to be redeemed long after this unseen virus goes into oblivion.


Syed Ali Mujtaba is a journalist based in Chennai. He can be contacted at



  1. Good that there is awakening in the otherwise impotent Arab world who care more for the seats of their power and money. Arabs should weed out high cast Hindus first starting with Brahmins of RSS and then other Hindus who through ignorance play into the hands of RSS Brahmins. Make Arabia brahminless first immediately.

      • Why OIC never speaks on genocide of Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh ?
        One should condemn the injustice to all irrespective of religion.

        • Because there isnt any genocide of Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh, except in your fake social media and media reports! And you are a patient of the illness of fake news……Go visit Pakistan and Bangladesh first then speak!

        • Rather than be apologetic you seem to pretend to be a victim.

          You massacre Muslim as a State Policy, as a Nationally accepted Religous duty.

          You spout a false history and arrative against Muslims in India.

          You have not spared us the Arabs, our daughters, our sisters and The Holy Prophet and his family.

          More importantly you have not spared Allah Azuwajjal.

          There is no place for you in Arab lands, we are watching you closely but its bettee you leave by yournown merit

    • For this reason your kind are quickly no longer welcome in Arab lands.

      You mock our creator, our beloved prophet and his family, our faith, our noble book and you have opnely deckared a war against defenceless innocent Indian Muslims.

      Arabs will remove you if you do not mend your vulgar selves.

  2. Its highly unfortunate what is happening…. But if Hindus are fired and taken out of there comfortable jobs in the Arab Countries… then what will they do? Will they beg on the streets in india?
    They are showing the limits of Thanklessness… The dooms day for them will not be far off, untill they start behaving

    • They will create a new Arab in India.
      Muslims are respected in India.
      My dear friend even I respect them or even we respect them but they must take care of population growth and behaviour which is a concern with very few of them but still they are in significant numbers which worries. Dear if Arab could anyway solve this problem then it would be great. Since you people are highly sincere towards your religion therefore have gained a lot of respect in many of our eyes. The reality shown to you is just a fake news, shared by some bloody people. Let me assure you that we all live with fraternity and even celebrate every festivals together. I advice you to come and live in India and feel the freedom and equality rather then browsing. Hope you would take it seriously.
      Please don’t hate India following some of these fake news.
      Radhe radhe , khuda hafis , bye
      With love – Akshat
      Feel free to drop your views ❣️

  3. The biggest culprit in all these are the extremist hindus headed by buggers like narendra modi. He is the one who should be made to bear the brunt of all Muslims throughout the world. This modi begger should be hunted down to face the wrath of all right thinking Muslims.

  4. The biggest culprit in all these are the extremist hindus headed by buggers like narendra modi. He is the one who should be made to bear the brunt of all Muslims throughout the world. This modi begger should be hunted down to face the wrath of all right thinking Muslims.
    This modi bugger should be hunted down…

  5. Well it looks is really sad that coz few hinduthava mind set people many Indians who r well respected in gcc irrespective of there faith and also earning handsomely without any tax and actually helping indian economy r going to suffer coz of this stupid selfish brainless people i hope we realise our mistakes and try get back our seculer way of life

  6. I Request all gulf countries to catch and send back these Hindus. They doesn’t deserve to stay in gulf countries.They are earning crores in gulf countries and speaking against Muslim ummah. Indian Muslims are more intelligent and hard working, They are more educated. Please recruit Muslims.

    • Yes you are right they should back them to india and then they will beg on the streets and they should recruit Muslim boys they are thousand times intelligent than these illetratre hindus

  7. I am Hindu I must say All Hindus must be deported from GCC . Only Muslims must Thrive in Arab Land.

    This Arab princes ignited Hindu Phobia by Posting a Random Hindu guys tweet. You must understand the gravity if MODI or Shah post such tweets of a Muslim man such act will have created Pandora of Islamo phobia in India.
    Second thing Muslim leaders were keeping shut their mouth till recently about Tabaligi fiasco .. They should have acted upon and Ask attendees to turn up to medical workers .

    Several parts of India Health workers are being attacked left and right by the fringes of Muslim community and They want to ignore all lockdown norms . Two days ago Health workers who were transfering primary contact and secondary contacts of Tabalegi attendees after first batches were taken a crowd of 50 attacked medical workers screaming “dont even spare the doctors ‘

    Why this is happening ? Some one in whatsapp claiming India is taking muslims and injecting corona so attack health workers

    You should counter these fringes first other wise Covid is going to take a big toll in your community

    • The love you have for Abrahmmatic faiths especially Muslims is all too well known, documented and available.

      We witnesses the animal like behaviour of right wing Hindu terrorists in the streets of New Delhi and Assam.

      Muslim men, women and children beaten lynched, set on fire in their homes under the watchful eye of a Indian Hindu Police.

      At times in New Delhi and in the UP district Indian Hindu Police attack defenceless Muslim youths and elderly men alongside RSS, BJP and Hinduveta card holding right wing stste sponsored extremists.

      Enough is Enough

  8. A high time when not only these Hindu Extremists and their supporters must be thrown out OR Kicked Off from ME Region but also all imports from INDIA should be banned / boycotted till the time they officially start respecting the religions and their believers specially Muslims as they always have issues with this particular religion and on the other side are enjoying living healthy lives in ME / Muslims region.

    Atleast these NRIs should be thankful to us for letting them work on our lands and should maintain the pollution free environment unlike in their homeland.

    This issue should be very clearly made understood to Narendra Modi and all actions must be taken officially against these Hindu Extremists who disrespect our religion while eating and living on out land.

    Even Oman has taken the notice and has made its stance clear. The GCC will stay united on this and every black fish will be thrown back to its pond.

    The WORLD isn’t blind and knows well what MODI is doing.

  9. Indians feel they are an indisposable workforce, they are not but rather disposable.

    We Arabs can recruit more from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Rohingya, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philipines, China, Syria, Egypt, Sudan, Somalia

    For many years I have seen Indian Hindu arrogance and ego inflate which is none of my business but when it grows to the point where they openly insult our faith, our Prophet pbuh and his family, our Lord, our history, our noble kitab Al Furqaan and begin to hurt our Muslim family be this Kashmir, Assam or on the streets of Delhi.

    Then we as Arabs NEED to reassess our relationship with such people and such a nation.

    I have first hand witnessed the problems in Malaysia where the Indian Hindu wx pat community has been abusive to Muslims, Islam and locals and we can never tolerate this in Arab countries.

    It is high time Arab nations revaluate the quote of labour arriving from India especially the non Muslim contingents.

    Their intolerant vulgar atitude is no longer acceptable.

    Arabs must take stock of any Indians promoting violence towards Muslims and showing Islamaphobhia BUT on a larger scale hold India accountable for her state sponsored atrocities against Muslims be it Assam, Delhi, UP and the crration of a new Palestine in Kashmir.

    Arabs must stand up for the rights of Muslims.

    Increase quota of skilled workers from Muslim nations who can quite easily live amongst Arabs.

    Where fellow Muslim countries lack skills be this in Finance, IT sector the Arab nations need to set up training colleges to provide initial training and long term job relevant training.

    It is high time the Indian diaspora in Arab countries be reduced.

    I have witnessed their vulgarity and unaccoetable behaviour towards Muslims and whether to desist from it they tetain this hatred in their heart.

    The difference being this current Indian government has made this hatred surface with confidence to the forefront.

    Anyone showing such deep hatred and animosity towards our Prophet pbuh, The Quran and Allah AzuWajjal but also to fellow non Arab Muslims brethren should invite no respect from an Arab.

    Please reflect before the population of these Hindus increase and they hold us out own countries a bit like they are doing in Malaysia.

  10. 99.9% Hindus are good poeple. But 5 to 6% of them are employed by IT cell of a political party which is spreading fake news against Muslims.
    Let the Arabs punish only those found guilty beyond doubt and not punish the majority of the innocent Hindu brothers.
    Let’s be different from the hatemongers and show that we don’t have an IT cell.

    • 30 to 40% more correct….try to build bridges with these 40% humane Hindus….mostly amongst the underprivileged….


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