Gujarat model reached Delhi: Masjid set on fire, Hanuman flag placed on minaret


By Muslim Mirror

New Delhi, Feb 25 :A mosque  was set on fire and  Hanuman flag was placed on  minaret of the masjid  late on Tuesday afternoon in Ashok Nagar locality  of North East Delhi .

A mob shouting “Jai Shri Ram” and “Hinduon ka Hindustan [An India of Hindus]” paraded around the burning mosque, and a “Hanuman flag” was placed on top of the building, according to the TheWire.

Miscreants also looted shops within and around the mosque’s compound. Residents told The Wire that the people looting the shops were not from the locality. Police personnel could not be seen in the locality. Residents alleged that police had removed members of the Muslim community from the locality.

10 people including a policeman have been killed and over 100 injured since violence erupted in Delhi on Sunday.

Shops were burnt and people armed  rival mobs from different communities armed with sticks were ranged against each other in parts of Bhajanpura, Chand Bagh and Karawal Nagar in northeast Delhi on Tuesday, which saw clashes between protesters for and against the controversial citizenship law spiral into unprecedented violence in the capital yesterday.


  1. Really sad day for india. Culprits must be hanged. But there is no relief or justice in sight for minorities in this country. Really pathetic

    • India is a hindu dominated country where muslims are always oppressed by hindu goons . Many innocent Muslims are lynched and some are compelled to chant jai shree ram means hail ram India is a country where muslims are always terrorized some prominent leaders of world should be ashamed to say that ind is democratic country in democratic country such things are not happening entire world should come forward to protect basic rights of minorities of India.

  2. Exactly what happened and planned in the year 2002 during the reign of these two powerful Gujratis the actual target is all over the country

  3. A country where minorities are massacred, and are not free to exercise their freedom, then its not a nation rather a solitary confinement. You can never rule a nation with injustice and oppression

  4. Please it’s a humble request 🙏 don’t repeat the 6th December 1992 tragedy please. I request the central government please have a look into it please PM

  5. Allah now’s the best ,what ever is happening in this world I’m sure there must be a reason behind it so let’s hope for the best and dua for everyone’s healthy and safety, fee Aman illah.

  6. Very sad day. An act of inhumane behavior. Highly condemnable. Government should take strict action against culprits. Life is very precious. We may have issues but definitely not at the costs of precious life. We all are Indians. It is our collective responsibility to make this as the most beautiful place of world.

  7. Mulla news 😂

    I’ma really look into it this site won’t post any anti Hindu tampered news 🚩

    These anti indian sites won’t ever show the Hindu genocide in keral and bengal


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