Gyanvapi mosque: Varanasi court orders sealing of area where Hindu party claimed Shivling was found

Gyanvapi Mosque

By Muslim Mirror Staff

A Varanasi court on Monday ordered sealing of the area inside the Gyanvapi mosque where a “Shviling” was allegedly found. The court asked authorities to ensure that nobody accesses the area.


Lawyer Subhash Nandan Chaturvedi, who is representing five Hindu petitioners in the court, said that a Shivling was found in the pond used for ablution (wuzu) during the videography survey that ended on Monday.

Civil Judge (Senior Division) Ravi Kumar Diwakar ordered that the area is sealed and no body is allowed to reach there.

“Application under 78 G is allowed. The District Magistrate, Varanasi is ordered to seal the place where the Shivling has been recovered with immediate effect and the entry of any person is prohibited in the sealed place. District Magistrate, Varanasi, Commissioner of Police, Police Commissionerate, Varanasi and CRPF, Commandant, Varanasi are ordered to all the above officers will be considered personally responsible for protecting the place which has been sealed,” the order said.

Muslim leaders have raised their concerns over the survey ordered by the court. They allege that the process is aimed at snatching the Gyanvapi mosque like Babri Masjid.


  1. Aurangzeb literally boasted about building a mosque on top of the temple in his Fatawa ‘Alamgiri.

    ” In September 1669, He ordered the destruction of Vishvanath Temple at Varanasi, which was established by Raja Man Singh. After the Jat rebellion in Mathura (early 1670), which killed the patron of the town-mosque, Aurangzeb suppressed the rebels and ordered for the city’s Kesava Deo temple to be demolished, and replaced with an Eidgah. In around 1679, he ordered destruction of several prominent temples, including those of Khandela, Udaipur, Chittor and Jodhpur. The Jama Masjid at Golkunda was similarly treated, after it was found that its ruler had built it to hide revenues from the state; however desecration of mosques are rare due to their complete lack of political capital contra temples. “

  2. I do not think they are interested in making temples in masjid and also it is not a difficult task for them in india.
    Their Interest is different and for definite it is not good for indian muslims.

  3. the actual fact is RSS is the big think-tank of Vaishnav Brahmins
    Aryans invaded Indian continent aka Budha’s land and divided native Indians among hundreds of sectors, one among them worships Shiva called Shaivas and they consider themselves under ‘Hindu fold’. And Aryans aka Vaishnavas follow Vishnu and they are the stakeholders of RSS.
    There were centuries of violent conflicts happened between Vaishnavas and Shaivas in Indian ancient history.
    With Babri masjid episode RSS influenced and collected Ram bhakts across India mainly followers of Viashnav deities.
    Now with Gyanvapi masjid episode RSS wants to collect Shiva bhakts, and this is the reason they claimed Shivling there ….
    So RSS closed Ram mandir episode since they achieved their goal, Now Shiv mandir episode is started. All RSS need Andh bhakts …


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