Halal Centre of Excellence launched in Hyderabad


By Special Correspondent

Hyderabad, Jan 19 : Following the first inauguration of India International Halal Expo & Conference 2020, the Halal Centre of Excellence (Halal COE) Hyderabad was launched by ATOBA in association with Malaysian company Serunai Commerce at the HITEX Exhibition centre on Saturday.


The event was widely attended by the various Halal certifying bodies, government, business owners and also the public. The launch was noted as a progressive growth to the Halal industry both locally & internationally as it not only connects local & international markets, but also bridges the gap between (the) supplier and (the) consumer.

The Halal Centre of Excellence will empower the Halal community as it is the first of its kind to be providing a digital platform that interconnects & expands the Halal market while at the same time enriches the broader Halal ecosystems.

The Halal Centre of Excellence with the backing of Malaysia’s biggest Halal Certifying Body aims at offering a variety of services such as, Professional Halal Industry Training at every level of Management and stakeholder in the Halal supply chain; Certified Halal Plant Management and skills development; and Human Capital development and capacity building through technological advances.

As we stand at the doorsteps of the 4th industrial revolution, we all have a shared responsibility of guiding its evolution and how it impacts us as individuals and as a (Halal) community. That being said, the Halal COE seems to be a step in the right direction as it fully grasps the opportunity to shape and direct the fourth industrial revolution toward a future that reflects common goals & values.


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