‘India is for Hindus’, says one BJP MLA while another claims ‘Muslims want to take control of country’

MLA Vikram Saini and Banwari Lal Singhal

By Muslim Mirror Desk

NEW DELHI : Making provocative speeches with an aim to rip apart the society on communal lines have become a new normal in the country, which is being led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In recent display of his politics, one legislator of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) said India is for Hindus, while another claimed Muslims want to take control of country by 2030.


MLA Vikram Saini, who represents Khatauli assembly constituency in Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar district – the epicenter of the riots in 2013 that claimed 60 lives, on Tuesday claimed that India is a nation only for Hindus and therefore it is also known as Hindustan.

Mai kattar Hinduwadi hu. Hamare desh ka naam Hindustan hai, arthaat ye Hinduon ka desh hai (I am a hardcore believer in Hindutva. Our nation is called Hindustan, which means a nation for the Hindus),” he told a gathering in Muzaffarnagar on Monday.

Apparently targeting the Samajwadi Party, which ruled the state before the BJP swept to power last March, the lawmaker accused that the previous governments of framing policies that benefit only Muslims.

Ab se pehle jitni lambi dadhi hoti thi, utna lamba cheque milta tha (Earlier the system was – the longer the beard, the bigger the cheque),” he said claiming that “aaj bina jaati bhed ke sabko samaan roop se laabh milta hai (Today, everyone gets benefits without any discrimination)”.

Saini, who had been detained under the National Security Act (NSA) after violence in Muzaffarnagar in 2013, further spitted venom by saying “Some scatter-brained leaders made the bearded ones stay, which is why we are in trouble today. Had they left, all this land would have belonged to us.”

The BJP man had last year threatened to “break the limbs of those killing cows”.

His comments came the same day another BJP MLA reiterated his assertion that Muslims were bearing more children with the aim outnumber Hindus and take control of the country by 2030.

Banwari Lal Singhal from Alwar in Uttar Pradesh said that if this is not addressed, soon “nobody will be able to stop a situation where there is a Muslim prime minister, president and chief ministers in most states”.

“Muslims are giving birth to 12 to 14 children…while Hindus restrict the number to one or two,” he had written in a Facebook post.


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