Have the Indian Muslims expressed the same solidarity for other oppressed they want from them?


Have the Indian Muslims expressed the same solidarity for the oppressed Dalits as others are aggressively showing towards Muslims now, asks Mujeeb Jaihoon

Faith and Trails are Complementary


Muslims are a time-tested lot: they have historically faced several existentialist tests in their march across the annals of history. Threats and tortures, hardships and harassment are not strangers to this Faithful lot. Since its inception, trials have been chasing this fiercely Monotheistic Faith like a shadow. In fact, the Holy Quran almost construes Faith and Trails as complementary. Sufism, or higher spiritual Islam, attributes deeper faith with greater trials.

The Fight for Hate-free India

Nevertheless, Indian Muslims are petrified with the biased NRC and CAA laws enacted by the majoritarian regime skewed by Hindutva ideology. Small children are suffering from poor mental health conditions due to these discriminatory citizenship-related legislation. With their past already tarnished in popular culture, uncertainty now hangs over their present and future as well.

The Indian Muslims have a greater responsibility to reclaim the spirit of secular India, for, it is their very presence which helps to sustain the much celebrated definition of the country’s ethos. Yes, it means making sacrifices in their struggle against the majoritarian regime. Yes, it means staging indefinite protests on streets and institutions. Yes, it means mobilizing their creative genius in every way possible. However, it does not mean giving up, for, the future Hate-free India will kiss the feet of these men and women who fought bigotry tooth and nail, despite seeing no light at the end of turmoil-ed tunnel.

Saluting Non-Muslim Camaraderie

The Indian Muslims may not hesitate in joining hands with fellow faith communities who have shown unparalleled solidarity with their Muslim brethren. Admittedly, it is not easy for the members of the non-Muslim community, especially the Hindu brothers and sisters, whose gadget screens are persistently bombarded with Muslim-hating audio-visual memes. Moreover, the intimidating pressure from their family and friends circles isn’t small either. Therefore, Muslims have to respect and salute the camaraderie of fellow faith communities, who risk their mental peace and social ties for the sake of saving the secular spirit of the Nation. The lower caste segment have been suffering social injustice, molestation and lack of opportunities for ages. Have the Indian Muslims shown the same solidarity with them as other communities are showing towards Muslims now? This questions begs for reflection and perhaps correction from the part of many who are wailing about injustice and indifference. For, God has set Justice free from the shackles of communal and racial tags.

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Mujeeb Jaihoon is an Indian-born writer and socio-cultural commentator based in the UAE


  1. Answer to your question Mr Mujeeb is a big YES for example When Dalits and downtrodden were denied justice and social equality in practical sense muslims supported leaders like Lalu Yadav and Kanshi Ram to help the sociery in general.It was a mass political solidarity.And what muslim got in result :- nothing eceptional for the muslims and no prominent muslim leadership developed as a result.If you say that that was the concern of muslims as well then you must accept that solidarity with muslims is not limited to muslims only. It is inclusive. Thanks to the muslim society that they havent sold their protest to their so-called leaders. Mr. Mujeeb Jaihoon we are rank and file. I write what I observed and experienced.

  2. Are you canvassing for Manuwadi casteism?

    Will you accept Indian Muslim converts into Brahmin supremacist caste as they have all the divine knowledge with them?🤔

    No Boss, equality and brotherhood of Islam is best; and we love all our non-Muslim brethren as equals.
    Yes, self-defense is a basic human right for everyone who is attacked in life, property or honour, according to Indian Constitution too.

  3. I understand your concern but just to present the fact I never saw any indian muslim to oppose the bigots like Jakir Naik or the genocide done to kashmiri pandits. Never seen even a very educated muslim to criticize these acts.

    This is your answer. World is like that only and you can’t expect us to oppose what you don’t like. Nobody wants to live in a hyper religious fanatic community be it from any religion. Practice what you preach.


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