Health benefits of halal chicken


By Scarlet Baker

Almost anyone that knows will tell you that there are many health benefits of halal chicken. The word halal comes from Arabic, meaning permissible, and originates in the Islamic religion. This means the meat must be extremely clean. Find out why halal chicken and other products are the best for your body. Learn how the halal industry is growing in popularity across the globe and where you can find those products. This article is going to look at what all those health benefits of halal chicken are to help you make healthy choices.


The Importance of halal chicken

There are many health benefits of halal meat and they will help your body in more ways than one. To be up to Islamic standard, the meat must be lamb, cow, or chicken. Anything from pigs is not allowed. Frogs and meat from alligators or crocodiles is not acceptable. Cats, dogs, snakes, or anything with fangs does not meet halal requirements either.

The Importance of cleanliness

The biggest rule of halal meat is cleanliness. The butchers and farmers who slaughter the meat must hold to this important standard. The animals are treated with respect. This means that they are given clean places to live. They also receive healthy and clean food. An animal cannot be slaughtered if it is sick. Unlike popular meats in the USA, these animals do not receive antibiotics, additives, anti-infection agents, or synthetic concoctions. In all these ways, it lowers the level of possible contamination significantly.

The perfect conditions

The animal is butchered through a cut to the jugular vein, carotid artery, and windpipe. With a clean-living space and this way of slaughter, the meat is in perfect condition for eating. Also, because the animal cannot be butchered when sick, this allows for another great benefit. Since the animal is treated fairly, they have significantly less stress when slaughtered. This means the meat is softer and the stress produced by the animal is not consumed by you either.

Why halal food is the best for you

There are many reasons why we need to consume halal food. The health benefits of halal chicken are good for the body and mind in many different ways. When the animal is slaughtered all the blood is drained from the body. This means there is less bacteria within the animal.

This also means that the meat can be used longer because there is less threat of bad bacteria. With this lack of blood lingering, it also means the meat tastes better. This goes hand in hand with how the animal is treated while alive. All of these good points will transfer over to you when you eat the chicken.

Helping your body and mind

It is a well-known fact that eating healthy foods improves your body and mind. This is a very important law in Islamic religion. A key part is to treat their own bodies with respect and take care of it in every way. That means halal chicken is truly healthy because it is important for their traditions.

The benefits for your Body and Mind

Halal food is good for a healthy weight. It is also good for the immune system. Healthy foods in this way can strengthen the immune system and help you battle diseases. halal chicken also helps the metabolism to take in all those healthy nutrients. In other ways, healthy food is great for your brain. halal chicken can even help with depression. When eating healthy food, it can provide the necessary requirements to give the brain great rewards.

So, the halal chicken goes beyond the physical points. Knowing the animal was treated well and slaughtered with kindness also helps mentally. Those benefits of halal meat can help you live a life full of joy and good health.

Growth of the halal industry

Fortunately, the popularity of halal meat is growing all over the globe. It is possible for people who do not practice the Muslim faith to enjoy the benefits of halal products. Of course, it is very easy to find these products where there is a Muslim majority in the area. This includes places like Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan.

Finding halal products

Places where the Muslims are a minority makes it harder to find halal meat. However, it looks like that may change in the future. Places like Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, India, and Germany are all increasing their halal products. Other countries like Thailand, China, South Korea, the Philippines, Brunei, and Japan are also jumping on the halal train. Japan and South Korea are already beginning to provide proper access to halal meat.

Shops in the halal market

Specific shops are also tapping into the halal industry across the global market. This includes:

  • Singapore with MyOutlets
  • Japan with Nippon Express
  • Turkey with Banvit
  • The UK with Willowbrook Farm, halal Exotic Meats, and Asada
  • The United States with HonestChop

Other reasons for halal growth

The Market for halal meats is also growing for other reasons. One is because the Muslim population is growing. They are spreading to many other places and introducing their culture and ideas, which allows for everyone else to enjoy halal chicken. The Muslim GDP is growing too, which allows for more of these people to invest and extend their reach of products. Muslim’s also travel and due their concern for halal, they need to eat halal meat wherever they go. This means that airlines and hotels have begun to stock the products to cater to their customers.

Packaging of halal chicken

With this, there comes the concern of distribution and packaging. As Muslims are spread out across the world, there are many different views on how this is done. So, the packaging is always completed with care and done correctly to meet halal requirements. There is growth to be done in this area as well. Since the popularity for these products continues to grow, many companies are investing time and money to get it right.

Halal can be used for many products

The importance of halal to Muslims and others will be happy to know that halal is not only for meat. The halal industry has been able to grow so much because it is available in other products as well. There are medicines that are approved for halal too. As mentioned earlier, halal is great for the immune system, so these products too will help with your health. The Islamic groups are also worried about the products they put on their skin. There are many non-halal cosmetics out there with very few halal certified materials. There is a huge gap in the cosmetic market because of this, so there is plenty of space to create great products.

Jumping over obstacles

Unfortunately, halal products are not always accepted with open arms. Competitors are not thrilled about the growing popularity. Since their products are not as healthy as halal products, there are many trying to destroy the reputation of healthier meats. Those invested in halal now have a job to do. With bad media coverage about these meats and countries going so far as to ban halal products, there are obstacles to climb. Creating a good reputation means they need to make sure the whole process has integrity. If the packaging or facilities are not up to code, this could hurt the halal products greatly. The halal products now must find a way to keep a good reputation in order to find global appreciation. This way, halal products can be available in more stores.

Where to find halal chicken

Where to buy halal chicken can be tricky if you do not live in an area with a Muslim majority. However, there is hope for this to change in the future. With the facts of what halal meat is, it makes the decision to switch meat so much easier. Even with all of the bad press and resistance to change, these products are proven to be better for the body and spirit. Many stores across the world are beginning to adopt halal meat. Many are working to make it more accessible. In the United States, this is beginning to grow in popularity as well. Whole Foods for one, is beginning to stock products that are halal certified. Mirchi Masalay is a great option too. Their chicken has all the health benefits of halal as well as dedication to other healthy products.

Begin Taking Care of Your Body

The health benefits of halal chicken go beyond the physical. It is good for your mind and spirit. The animals are always taken care of and treated fairly, which will transfer over to your plate. It is good to use for a longer period of time because there is no blood, which will help your budget as well. Fortunately, the demand for halal is growing across the globe and in the future, there is a chance it will be stocked in your local grocery store. Consider the great benefits and begin buying the best chicken for your body.


  1. Killing an innocent animal is an inhuman practice. Instead of glorifying Halal benefits, muslims should educate their children about animal rights. Becoming vegetarian is the most ethical decision of human’s life.

    • What’s the basis of your “ethics” Or morality?
      Is the basis objectively justified? (If there’s one for you)
      How do you define animal rights? What are animal rights based on again? What’s the limit of animal rights?

      If right to life is what you mean, then why limit only to life? Why not right to it’s milk, it’s wool(for sheep 🐑) , and other things that humans derive from animals? Why doesn’t animal have the right to its own possessions? Why this double standards from vegans?
      Also, why limit rights just to animals? Why are plants excluded from these rights, even though they’re biological beings? Hypocrisy?

      You don’t actually have a objective basis.

  2. Salaam alaikum.

    Jazakallah for the very informative and educational blog on a very important topic for Muslims.

    We wrote a blog a few months ago entitled “Your Guide To Ordering Halal Meat Online” which you can read here:, which I think is very complementary to the overall theme here. Please feel free to include it in your blog and I’d be happy to reciprocate.

    Kind regards
    Naz Hussain
    SaveCo Online


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