Health officer Aquib Shaikh felicitated by Health Minister of Goa for his services during pandemic

By Imran Inamdar

Goa: Aquib Anwar Shaikh, Health Manager at Directorate of Health Services, Goa was felicitated on Monday by the state’s health minister Vishwajit P Rane for his dedicated services during this pandemic. He was felicitated at an event held in Community Health Centre, Valpoi.

He has selflessly extended his services since the past 16 months without taking a single day leave. ”There are no fixed duty hours. We have to work 17 to 18 hours a day… Even though I spend much of my time in the hospital but Alhamdulillah my family members are safe,” he said while speaking to Muslim Mirror.

Mr Rane praised him for working round the clock in this fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. ”Grateful for his constant efforts and commitment to serving the people of Valpoi,” he said in a tweet.

Mr Aquib spoke about the troubling experiences of him and his workmates. ”I have worked for several outbreaks but had never witnessed such health crisis before…Everything was unexpected, this disaster was new and intensity of outbreak was high… There is a lot of work pressure and it disturbs mental and emotional well-being.”

In his message, Aquib says, ”To win battle against this virus, all people should stick to Covid appropriate behaviour and all eligible citizen should come forward and get vaccinated and should help each other in this time of distress.”

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