Height of Muslim enmity ! Maharashtra govt passes bill on Maratha reservation, excludes Muslims

Photo by DNA

By Muslim Mirror News,

Nagpur:  Mocking the Prime Minister Narendra Modi much-publicized slogan   ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas’, his own party government in Maharashtra has brazenly shown its communal colour by ignoring the Muslim reservation bill as it introduced the Maratha Reservation Bill  in the lower House of the State assembly on Tuesday.

This partisan decision of the BJP-Shiv Sena combined government has sparked in row inside and outside of the Assembly as communal minded legislators decided to give a miss to the five per cent reservation to Muslims that was in effect through an ordinance but put stay by Bombay High Court recently.

Opposition members led by senior Congress leader and newly appointed Opposition Leader Radha Krishna Vikhe Patil were on their foot demanding the simultaneous introduction of the Muslim Reservation Bill but the Fadnavis government only introduced the Maratha Reservation Bill in the lower house just a day before the Nagpur session ends. The bill will now be sent to the Vidhan Parishad, the upper house of the state, Wednesday.

The BJP government however blatantly ignored the opposition demand and passed the Maratha Reservation Bill amid the din in the house.

“You are trying to ‘implement the RSS’s communal agenda’ on the basis of numerical strength”, Senior NCP leader and former Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar was heard as saying in the house.

All  Muslim members of the Lower House including Amin Patel, Aslam Shaikh and Asif Shaikh ,Abu Asim Azmi  and Waris Pathan were  on their foots  demanding similar bill for the Muslims and when their demand was rejected they  walked out in protest from the House.

It is to be recalled that the previous Congress-NCP led government had issued a joint ordinance providing 16 per cent reservation in educational institutions and government jobs to the politically dominant Maratha community, and five per cent reservation to the Muslim community in June this year with an eye on the October Assembly elections.

The Bombay high court, however, passed an interim order staying the reservation for Marathas and job reservation for Muslims while allowing five per cent reservation for Muslims in educational institutions. The Supreme Court refused to interfere with the High Court order.

The introduction of the Muslim Reservation Bill in this session was necessary as the ordinance on Muslim reservation is to lapse on Wednesday. Muslims will be devoid of reservation even after court order if the bill is not passed today.

However, Chief Minister Devander Fadnavis defended his government’s move saying the final decision on the Muslim reservation would be taken after consulting the State Advocate General.


  1. Majority of Muslim didn’t vote for BJP than why Muslims are expecting any thing from Modi Government ?

    Their slogan Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas was a lie their real agenda is some thing different, which is the real face of BJP anti-muslims policies.

    It is the time for Muslims to rethink their strategy to counter these BJP anti-muslim policy stand within the consititution.

      • Dear plain truth, I mean to say BJP stands on Hindutva is their real face, which was hiding behind the masks of slogan like Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas and Development. Since they come up openly against anti-muslim stand and we must stand united to counter these communal forces within the limits of constitutions, whereas they are doing unconstitutionally but getting full supports from government and authorities.

        • Myth is Myth and religion is religion, the creator is the creator and animal is animal only, that is the basic difference. You cannot understand unless you come out from your ego and differentiate between a blind faith and a truth.

          • What else can be expected from the followers of religion which believes beheading of non muslims is their birth right?

          • Don’t get feared, we will not behead you, try to find the truth, how a religion of peace can behead any one like you ? but accept the truth that myth is myth and religion is religion.


  2. Reservations along religious lines goes against the very fundamental nature and concept of the Indian constitution….. and the best form of Job reservation would be picking up the needy and extremely poor people , across the board from all sections of our society………..

      • hahaha .. ur muslim ummah does not exists … u cant even marry a muslim arab girl , but they FCUK ur sisters whenever they want … u cant get a citizenship , u cant buy property … but u live happily in western countries and abuse them , thats wat ur myth religion is

        • In saudi arabia the kingship is afraid of losing power if other country muslims become citizens. So they don’t allow anyone to come in. American qualified people get ten times salary in Saudi Arabia then people qualified from Asia. So forget the bogey that they abuse westerners. All the problems that are there are because of double standards of justice and freedom followed by westerners vis-a-vis palestine. Muammar Gaddafi had made a law that if a foreigner married a libyan girl he could not leave the country and had to take up citizenship. This he did so that no one could take advantage of libyan damsels . So you see that these are local laws and have nothing to do with religion. Ottoman empire was a muslim caliphate and was the most liberal rule. When europe expelled 1,50,000 jews ottoman welcomed them with open arms. People were free to follow any religion. Ottoman empire was vast. So please get your facts right by reading Islam and its history worldwide. Ottoman was defeated by ghinghis khan. Baghdad capital of ottoman empire ransacked by him. The same tribes brought muslim rule to India. They were brutal mongol races for whom Islam was just a uniting force. They themselves know very little Islam.

  3. How naive of us? If Muslims anywhere in the world united, especially those from the former British India, now called Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India, it would be news, too good to be true, to me. Believe me, I have been away from India for the past 52 years, during which I had the privilege and honor of knowing, associating with, and leading them locally and nationally, primarily in the States, I found them to be the most prejudiced, racist, non-democratic, violators of any constitution, autocratic, non-consensus builder. The only thing they all have is a big mouth, talk, talk, talk, just opinion, no empirical research-based information. Their sloppiness can be detected in MM comments from them. English is not their native, I agree. Good writing comes from good reading. Indian Constitution maybe too much for most,

  4. Plain truth jab vuski lathi padthi hai tou Patna chalega beta . abhi tou. Manmani karra .plain truth Ku arrest karvavoon Bhai log .marzi mien jaisa bath karra . vusku IP trace karkey . kya bola rey tou are u a Muslim or monkey god lover .ispe case karoo ……

  5. hi ankit u r desh bhakt u patriotically hang the national flag on independance day and do corruption in the remaining 364 days that’s your love for india and BJP has a new formula for development that is love jihad ghar vapasi etc this will bring 10 + percent GDP of india hmm

  6. This Sheer discrimination against Nation Muslims by Maharastra Govt. and BJP on the basis of religion. Now We must unite and fight for our rights, & Interest. otherwise community will not be eligible even for begging profession.

  7. Muslims, Y U NO ALL go to Saudi Arabia or Kuwait and leave India alone?
    You all think that you are Arab descendants no? Also, you think that India doesn’t do much for you and Arabs will.
    You like to say “Save Gaza” while Gaza doesn’t give a fuck about you.

    Please leave us Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Parsis and the rest and go to the Arab land where you will get all your opportunities.

    • for argument sake we leave India than what you will do ? again you start oppressing poors ? even after so many years you still want to rule over Dalits. Don’t worry we will not allow to be happened again, as long as we are here atleast RSS bring fear among you to unite against us.

    • Ignorant man the portion of hindus feeding in gulf in gulf is much more then muslims take a data from your ministry of immigration and external affairs u r big lier.either u dnt know the fact sheet.u are unaware that yur akshardham is built from gulf donation earning money.infact billions dollors they pour in yuor economy .now u pathetic man telling this.even today u r licking asses of gulf country y…..u r advised to post a sensible and real time based data.dnt talk bala bala.we already left u from more then 150 yrs back judge yurself how morally yur society is declined.SAB KUCH HOTEY BHI DUNIYAN MEIN BEIJJAT UTHATO HO.BCZ U PPL ARE MORALLY AND SPIRITUALLY DEAD .

    • or argument sake we leave India than what you will do ? again you start oppressing poors ? even after so many years you still want to rule over Dalits. Don’t worry we will not allow to be happened again, as long as we are here atleast RSS bring fear among you to unite against us.
      good reply

  8. does this country belongs to your father so u said “go to …” and if yes we dare you to force us out and if no than keep this wise suggestion with you.


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