Time to free ‘All India Muslim Personal Law Board’ from the clutches of political brokers

Mufti Aijaz (of AIMPLB) secretly meeting with home minister Rajnath Singh.

By Syed Zubair Ahmad, Muslim Mirror

Some of the Urdu journalists  dismayed  over the recent developments in All India Muslim Personal Law Board have written an open letter to Maulana  Wali Rahmani, the general secretary of All India Muslim Personal Law Board , asking him, through social media, to explain and clarify the accusations of a ‘deal’ which culminated in an MLC seat gifted to his close aide and  an Urdu journalist moments after   ‘Deen Bachawo Desh Bachao rally finished in Patna on 15th  April .

The letter alleged Khalid Anwar to be a person of dubious credentials, a land-mafia who grabs even graveyard plots, and that he is a very close to  Maulana Rahmani, since long.

Some of these articulations speculate a likelihood that a Nitish led “third-front”, comprising Ram Vilas Paswan, Pappu Yadav, etc., will be floated to make a dent into ‘secular’ votes, and also to split the Muslim votes, thereby facilitating BJP’s victory in Bihar; and that having befooled the Muslims, subsequently, the “third-front” will re-join NDA. Another speculation is: with this, Nitish may enhance his bargaining power within NDA.

Now its clear that some “political brokers” have infiltrated in the All India of Muslim Personal Law Board and using its platform to further their ‘political ambition’. It is also alleged in the Muslim circles that the Board’s present general secretary has been “patronizing such persons of dubious credentials” and even “opposing” their expulsion from the Board.

The latest case in point is a huge rally organized by the Imarat-e-Shariah. The “Deen Bachao, Desh Bacho  rally was actually organized by the All India Muslim Personal Board particularly its gen secretary Maulana Wali Rahmani.Now its official that the Nitish govt, spent at least 40 lakh rupees on rally , but unconfirmed reports  say  ‘at least 2 crore was spent by politicians close to Bihar CM Nitish Kumar in  mobilization of  Patna  rally and make it a sucess.

AIMPLB is considered as the only coherent platform of the Indian Muslims which represents every shades of religious school. However, these ‘vested interested’ have been using it for some political gain and to serve the interest of the present government which is only tarnishing the image of the Board.

The “sudden decision” of winding up of the women’s campaign against the controversial Triple Talaq Bill by Maulana Wali Rahmani came under cloud as it is said  that some ‘dubious members have been  in touch with the present political masters.

Sources close to Board revealed that one member of the Board who is very close to Maulana Rahmani met with Zafar Sareshwala in Mumbai days before the announcement of ‘winding up’ agitations against Triple Talaq Bill.

Furthermore, on April2, Mufti Aijaz Arshad Qasmi (who was inducted in Board on the insistence of Maulana Rahmani) along with some other Maulanas with dubious characters who appear frequently on TV screens met with home minister Rajnath Singh.

When an Urdu daily sought to confirm his meeting with the Home Minister he flatly said all such reports are baseless.

Meanwhile on a WhatsAapp group, the Board’s women wing president was asked about the meeting with HM, she feigned ignorance about any such meeting.

On the same day at the evening, the Board issued a press release on behalf of Maulana Wali Rahmani which said ‘all agitation by women against Triple Talaq Bill should be stopped at once: In the letter Maulana Rahmani thanked all Muslim women who participated in agitation from the depth of heart.

The press release also said that ‘Maulana has appealed to all prominent Muslim personalities to bring maximum number of Muslim women to participate in April 4 protest and make that a grand success.

On  April 5, probably when the meeting of Mufti Aijaz with Rajnath become  ‘Open Secret’ ,  a photo of the meeting  was released to media  with  a clarification that  ‘keeping the Ramlila Maidan protest in view’ the photo of meeting with Rajnath Singh  was not released at that time, it might have adversely affected the protest program of April 4.’

The question arises, if the meeting with the HM was not approved by the Board, then why ‘it took caution’ in releasing the photo that was made public after the protest rally in Ramlila ground. Second, if the meeting was permitted by the general secretary, then why other members were kept in dark about it?

It is to mention here that Mufti Aijaz and Kamal Farooqui both are considered to be close to Maulana Rahmani who had met RSS Godman Ravi Shankar in Bangalore and Delhi last year.

When this issue was raised with Maulana Rahmani, he told Muslim Mirror that action will be taken against those members who met Ravi Shankar without the permission of the Board. However, no action taken had been taken against them.  Moreover when some prominent members of Board raised this issue during the executive committee meeting of the Board in Kolkata, it was only Maulana Rahmani who defended them Mufti Aijaz . This was revealed by some members who told MuslimMirror  on the condition of anonymity.

When Muslim Mirror contacted Zafar Sareshwala to confirm the news about his meeting with a prominent Board member in Mumbai  (who is also very close to Maulana Rahmani) Sareshwala neither confirmed nor denied about such meeting but added ‘those who abuse me in public always meet me privately  and become my guests’.

Mr. Sareshwala claimed that ‘prior to Hyderabad meeting of Personal Law Board, three Board members met with me and requested to arrange a meeting with PM Modi and Law Minister, I said them if you   want to solve the problem and present your point of views before PM or Law minister I can arrange a meeting but send your request officially on Board’s letterhead.”

Sareshwala further claimed that he told these members that “I know you won’t send the request on Board’s letterhead because you people don’t want to solve the problem  as it will be  an end of your politics and that you  never want.”

Speaking to MuslimMirror. S Q R Ilyas said that he was not aware of such meetings; he came to know about it only through newspapers.

“I am aware that some persons with dubious characters have been inducted in Board and action must be taken against them. If a person Salman Nadvi can be shown the doors then what is stature of these people,” he added.

The Patna rally fiasco has exposed the faultiness in the Board and it is high time for the present mandarins of the Board to clean it from brokers before its too late.  They should throw out such black ships from the rank of Board and save its credibility which is fading away very fast.


  1. Jab Ummat ke Ulema ‘Shariyat’ ke ahkaam ke bajaaye ‘Politics’ aur ‘Duniyaadaari’ aur ‘Amaanat me khayaanat’ par zyaada bharosa karne lage, tab Allah ki pakad in Ulema ki to hogi hi, lekin Ummat bhi doob jaayegi…jaise ki nazar aa rahaa haye aaj ke kamzor haalaat Indian Muslims ke.

    Ab majboori me — Barrister Asaduddin Owaisi ko hi AIMPLB ka sadar banaa liyaa jaaye. Unki hikmat aur ikhlaas shaayad zyaada ho..

    Ya phir ye Board member ikhlaas aur hikmat se aur awaam ke padhe likhon se mashwira karke triple talaq ka non-bailable warrant, nikah halala ka hukum aur polygyny ki ijaazat ki sunnat ki hifaazat kare.

    Aur 2019 election me bhi sachche ya secular leader jaise ki Arvind Kejriwal, Mamata Banerjee, Lalu Prasad, Prakash Ambedkar, Akhilesh Yadav, Mayavati, Rahul Gandhi, etc ke numaindon ko mashwire se vote dein aur hitlerwadi taaqaton ko opposition me ya coalition govt me kar de.

  2. The day religious matters are handled in a political manner and in association with the politicians that is the mark of the beginning of the end for that community. It is best to not allow anyone from the political arena to enter the board. How long the community will be used as herd of sheep to deliver votes
    Every five years to the parties recommended by these so called leaders of the community. It is high time that the community starts thinking on its own and votes on its own by discussing with their friends and people of their respective constituencies where merit and spirit of service should be the criteria for the contestant.

  3. Brother Kazem. We have to understand that Islam is a complete way of life….and it includes choosing and backing good, effective leaders who understand the pain and daily needs of the community and can help the community achieve its potential and protect it from gross injustices.
    Hadhrat Umar Radhiallanhu was not the biggest Haafiz or Aalim of his time—(there were many Sahabah who were present) but he was sincere and feared Allah and was a brave leader with understanding of the needs of his time.
    And AIMPLB is extremely important body to be aware, wise, non-corruptible and sincere for the community in all aspects — religious, social, education and political.

    You are right — merit, humanitarian inclusive approach,less corrupt and effectivity in solving problems–should make you vote in any constituency–for you will live there.


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