Hindu body demands ‘equal rights’ for Hindus

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New Delhi : Hindu intellectuals and academicians on Sunday demanded the removal of government control over temples.

“We demand equal rights to Hindus on par with others in the matters of running educational institutions without undue interference of state, removal of government control of Hindu temples… and preserving and promoting Hindu heritage and culture,” Bharat Gupt, a retired Delhi University professor, read from a draft, created by Hindutva leaders from 17 states.


The group, under the banner of Srijan Samaaj, also demanded passage of Union Minister Satyapal Singh’s Private Member’s Bill 226 in the forthcoming Parliament Session. The Bill seeks to amend Articles 26 to 30 of the Constitution that would meet its demands.

Tapan Ghosh, a Hindutva leader from Bengal, and Surendranath Chandranath, who has written on subjects relating to Hindu culture and concerns, were among those who presented a “charter of key Hindu Demands” at an event organised at the Press Club of India here.

On behalf of the panel, Ghosh said the Narendra Modi-led central government has not done enough for the Hindus.

“We are not happy with Modi. He speaks about Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas (development for all) but there is no inclusion of Hindus in that. They are still not getting their dues like the minorities,” he told IANS.

The group complained about foreign funds coming to Indian entities.

“This money often drives the vested interests of these agencies in India and often ends up subverting Indian society and fuelling conflict and separatism,” the draft said.

The charter also said that in order to prevent “repeat of genocidal religious persecution as suffered by the Kashmiri Hindus”, J&K should be divided into three states — Kashmir, Ladakh and Jammu.

Another demand was to ban the export of beef. “This has not only skyrocketed the prices of meat/beef but has also led to growth of meat or beef mafia.”

“With about 14 lakh tons of meat/beef exported during 2017-18, India has achieved the shameful distinction of the largest meat/beef exporter in the world, quite contrary to Article 48 of the Constitution,” it said.



  1. there is a difference between minority and majority. they are fooling the people but our drafting committee knew it that’s why they put some rights exclusively for minorities of India under the fundamental rights section.

  2. there is a difference between minority and majority. these people are just fooling the people but our drafting committee knew it that’s why they put some rights exclusively to minorities under the fundamental rights section.


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