Hindutva forces in US election



By Dr. Aslam Abdullah

Learning from the American Israeli Political Action Committee, the Hindutva fascist group in India, the RSS, in its strategy meeting as early as 2012, concluded that through its sympathizers and members in the US, it could emulate the Jewish groups. It decided to create a lobby to impact the US policies towards a BJP controlled India if it has sufficient US Congress and Senate members with a supporting President. The US Hindu organizations that fed them with vital information of the US electoral process and its money-based politics were the Hindu Vishwa Parishad of America (VHPA) formed in 1970 and the Hindu American Federation, HAF, in 2003. Both these groups owe their origin to Golwalkar, the Hindutva leader who was an ardent supporter of Hitler and his policy of the annihilation of Jews.

The Hindutva lobby is now mature and ready to flex its muscles in the 2020 election. Its leader, the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, openly casts his non-existing vote for Trump. Its mother outfits RSS and BJP instruct the VHP, HAF, and different outfits, including Hindu Republican and Hindu Democratic Pacs, to make inroads in the political circles. It is an example of how a foreign country uses its influence in the US to impact elections. The Pacs have donated extensively, mostly to Hindu candidates.

In this election, the Hindutva lobby is investing heavily in a candidate contesting an open seat in Texas’s 22nd Congressional district. The Hindutva forces in their internal circles describe Sri Preston Kulkarni as a Hindu warrior in the Dharam Yudh (religious war) to preserve the interest of the fascist group of RSS. Even though the candidate pretends to be a secularist, yet he has no objections to the funds, the Hindutva supporters have contributed to his campaign. The report of Peter Freidrich explains the flow of Hindutva money to the candidate in detail.

District 22 covers a mostly suburban south-central portion of the Greater Houston metropolitan area. It included the majority of Fort Bend County, including most of the Sugarland, Missouri City, Rosenberg, Needville, and the county seat of Richmond and the Greater Katy area west of Houston. Additionally, the district also contains portions of northern Brazoria County, including Pearland and Alvin, and a small part of southeast Harris County centered on Friendswood.

Republican Pete Olson represents the district, who is not running in 2020. It has a population of 881, 407, and the majority of the residents identifies as Republicans. Sri Preston Kulkarni, who was the 2018 Democratic nominee for this seat, faces off once again for this seat, but this time against Fort Bend County incumbent Sheriff Troy Nehls.

Kulkarni, born in Louisiana to Kulkarni and Margret Preston is a nephew of slain BJP general secretary Parmod Mahajan and speaks English, Spanish, Hindi, Mandarin Chinese, Russian and Hebrew.

The Muslim voters are swing voters as they may determine the outcome. In the last election, Olson defeated Sri by a margin of less than 14,000 votes. Of the over 138,000 votes Sri got, some 15 percent were Muslims because many Imams and a Muslim political action committee  came to his support. It was part of an exchange of Sri’s help to the current director of Emgage, who was running for a Sugarland City Council seat.

But they supported him mainly because they did not know the background of Sri and his unspoken relations with the Hindutva groups and leaders. They were not fully aware of the Hindutva. In 2020, Sri relies on the Emgage director and a few religious leaders and Muslim physicians to attract Muslim votes. Emgage, Houston, director, Nabila Mansoor, and a local Muslim physician, Dr. Shama Rashid, reportedly married to a relative of the well-known Muslim scholar are his psychopaths as said by many Muslims of the district. One of the voters, said that the Muslim supporters of Sri have made it a prestige and ego issue and may not change their position even if the community rejects Sri.

Sri has held a few meetings through zoom with Muslims of the district. In one such session, the community was not allowed to ask questions about more than 19 million donations that Sri has got from Hindutva fanatics. In such a meeting, those who expressed their intention to question Sri on RSS were blocked. Many who attended these meetings called them a big joke.

The Hindutva are presenting this race as part of their religious crusade in the USA. But they are aware that without Muslim support, Sri may not win the election. Hence, they have reportedly recruited Muslim individuals who ignored the Hindutva groups’ anti-Muslim and anti-Muslim policies in the US and India. These groups have reportedly accepted lynching as part of the Hinduisation of India, and they held celebration when their leader Modi inaugurated the construction of a Temple, built on the site destroyed by Hindutva terrorists in 1992.

These Muslims refuse to accept facts and through their political support, stabbing Muslim Indians and weakening the cause of the community in the country. Unfortunately, the national executive of Emgage, a Muslim PAC, is silent on this. It is time to question such Muslim groups for their support of candidates whose hidden agenda is to serve forces determined to annihilate Muslims in India.

The Muslims living in District-22 must make a distinction between facts and deception. The Hindutva forces are using deceptive tactics to get Sri elected, and if Muslims who support him do not see the truth, the community will suffer in the US as well as in India and elsewhere. The Democratic party must take note of the fact that a foreign government through its connections with Hindutva groups in the USA is interfering in the US election.


  1. How do we allow such anti Hindu rant to be published in India? The government must immediately stop this propaganda and arrest the editors. Can one publish anti Muslim rant in Paki media? Time has come for Hindus to tighten the noose around the traitors.

    • Dear GD,
      Did you forgot the Anti-Tablighi rants spewed by the Godhi Media during the initial stage of the pandemic and blamed the muslims in March 2020 ? Not a single politician came forward to shut the mouth of the the corrupt Indian media or support the Muslims, why didn’t the Govt arrested them for spreading hate in the country…….and now you are telling to tighten the noose of the traitors. Wow….. what a double standard bro.
      The botched lock down without proper planning by the PM led to crisis in the country with mostly poor people getting stranded, lost their loved ones, trekked hundreds of kilometers with no help from the government.
      It’s time to introspect yourself rather than blame others and stop spreading the hatred….!

      • What hatred ? Non sense – You people spread hatred and play a fake Victim card ,Radical Muslims abuse Modiji, RSS in name of opposition to Govt Policies, why because RSS and Modiji wants Hindu Rashtra as Muslims majority nations are Islamic. Why no Islamic country is secular and give religious freedom to Hindus , self explanatory. Radical Indian Muslims want all Hindus to be out of Middle East on Islam basis and then why all Radical Muslims not to be shunted to Pakistan as they divided country before as well , from India Traitors and Terrorists to be arrested and shoot at sight orders for a person who spits , throw stones on corona warriors, forcibly occupy the and destroy public property and abuses Hindu god and goddess etc. ,etc.

          • Please answer the queries word by word and line and line , not like foolish religion blind follower of a book where earth is described as flat and Sun takes round the earth and Corona will not infect a Muslims who prays in masjid. Upside brains.
            Sweden , Norway lot of Quran copies are burnt on street to pay respect to great Islamic Scholars, appreciate your Quran beautiful Shantidoot teachings and language you also marry a six years old girl to glorify yourself and religion by paying respect to another ctya.
            Keep it up your hate speech against

      • Truth and Facts are that Tabligi Jamaati definitely helped spread of virus by hiding in mosques and concealing their identity. If Media display against any Hindu saint for their misdeeds then they are ok, but as soon as any Muslim do crime you start playing victim card, and start blaming Media. You radical mindset, religious egoism that NO MUSLIM CAN EVER BE GUILTY, CRIMINAL, but matter of fact , they stoned , spitted , attacked and killed Corona warriors.

      • muslims in usa should use its resources to fight hindus.

        like the israeli and hindu lobby.

        attack on rss is smart way to attack hindus-

        by the way are muslims secular and democratic-


    • @GD,

      There is nothing “anti-hindu” about exposing Hindu terrorist and extremist groups active in politics. Facts and facts, and you Hindu fascists can’t silence the truth. Your entire comment is typical Hindutva troll. Keep your dirty Nazi inspired RSS sewage out of America.

      • Bhai please remember Ali , brother in law of Mohammed Sahib, Fatma , relatives who killed them in Krbla fight in mosque during morning prayer in masjids, RSS, Hindus or Muslims only.
        Evidence of Extremism by Muslims, No Islamic country is Secular and religious freedom to worship their Gods and Goddess because MUSLIMS not allow them in name of Islam while in India, Europe , Australia mosques are established and Muslims are respected BUT do Saudi Arabia or Radical Muslims do same A BIG NO- This is Terrorism only.
        I am proud of Hindutava and want Hindu nation as equal to Islamic nations and Christian nations .

        • @Jai whatsapp universty graduate

          Wrong again, with your whataboutism. You’re a stupid lying Hindu extremist moron with no knowledge of history. Do you even know the insane history of your crazy religion? Your “gods” numbering millions, killed, cannibalized, raped and destroyed each other. Hindus were killing each like savages long before Islam came to India. Muslim nations have a record unmatched tolerance historically. In fact we Muslim united and gave India its national identity and made the world number one economy. If Muslims wanted, we could have exterminated the Hindus completely from India during the centuries we ruled the sub-continent. Why are 80% Indians still Hindu after centuries of Muslim rule?

          Hindus are just conditioned to be lazy liars suffering from an inferiority complex because your religion is nonsense and your jealous of Islam. You’ve been fed lies since birth to hate Muslims. Hindutva is terrorist movement, build on Hitlers Nazism and Mussolinis Fascism. This Hindu terrorism is promoted by rich Hindus congregating at their temples collecting money to fund terrorist activities against minorities.

          Go learn basic English grammar, you lying subliterate Brahmin monkey worshipper. Hindutva will be go down the same toilet your satanic religion came from.

          • Great words to display your love towards Hindus and their Gods and Godess , true believer of Islam to justify killing of Kafir to get jannat with 72 hoors, congratulations, now please threat to kill me or abuse Hindus !
            Really proud of Islam, Quran and Muslim brothers for their love, affection and bhai-chara,
            Muslims Bhai
            Hindus- Hindus
            Great Culture !

          • @secrt

            Don’t be such crybaby and play victim. Nobody wants you dead because you’re a nobody.

            You Hindu trolls spam your hatred and expect us to be nice to you? Muslims have no obligation to polite to Hindu extremists and terrorists.

            Facts are facts, and most Hindus do NOT have the honesty our intellectual capacity to analyze their crazy religion properly.

            You have an inferiority complex because you know deep down Hinduism is rubbish. Your childish lies can’t facts, you are brought up to hate non-Hindus and blame all your failures on others. Its pathetic

            Hindus cant defend their nonsense but criticize Muslim beliefs. Seriously you idiots belief in monkeys and elephants as “gods.” You drink cow urine and bathe in cow feces. Sounds lovely….

            I can smell such a great culture from many miles away

      • The truth is always unpalatable but facts are facts. Islam is a medieval third World cult created by Men for the benefit of Men. Human rights? non existent. Women’s rights? non existent. Respect and tolerance for others? non existent. Salman Rushdie wrote a truthful and very informative book called “The Satanic Verses” – and the Muslim World issued an immediate death sentence, highly tolerant attitude there…

        And let’s not forget the “profit Muhammed” –slave trader, murderer and hater of everything that does not fit in with the abusers handbook called “The Koran”.
        Radical Muslim – hates you and wants to behead you.
        Moderate Muslim – hates you and wants a radical Muslim to behead you.
        Welcome to the truth – Islam is a cancer on humanity and the biggest threat to World peace humankind has ever faced.

        • Fully Agree with statement Mr Shrek , I have never come across like Mr Black mentality, I am sure if he gets an Atomic Bomb he will not spare a second to shell it on Kaafir, so much watered by Quran . Now they will tag me as Islamophobic, Racists, Hate monger and so many adjectives, difficult for them to accept the truth and facts !

          • @Jai aka Hindu idiot,

            You’re projecting your delusional Hindu lies again. You are hate mongers and support terrorism against Muslims, in accordance with your insane pagan religion based on fairy tales. A nuclear bomb is a waste, only thing needed for dirty evil Hindus is industrial strength soap. Truth to a Hindu is like sunlight to a vampire.

        • @Shrek aja lying Hindu shit eater,

          Why do you Hindus lie so much? Its part of your nature. Your childish and frustrated rant actually applies to Hinduism, a satanic stone age pagan Brahmin death cult. Hinduism is the religion of inequality, hatred, filth and inhumanity. 330000000 “gods” of Hinduism all engaged in murder, rape, bestiality, incest…. all demonic filth…which Hindus believe in and thats why India is a fifth world country. Krishna the panty thief comes to mind. How about that half-human, human elephant freak Ganesh who was aroused by his mother? Hinduism treats women like shit…which is why India is the most dangerous country in the world for women. Muslims made India great, Hindus turned it into a fascist shithole. Hinduism turns everything to garbage

          Hinduism is the cancer, Islam is the chemotherapy.

    • Time is near for hindutva dogs to get paid in kind We are working with all secular groups all over the world to expose the biggest terrorist organisation rss in the world

      • Just check the Islamic ‘suars’ in Sweden and Norway, how the Quran is being torn and burnt by the citizens. Is it not mentioned in Quran that Kafir to be killed , who do not believe in Islam.
        RSS is Great Hindutava force for Hindu Rashtra equal and like Islamic nations .
        First Terrorists are Muslims only who killed the Prophet Son in law Ali, their children , Fatma in morning prayers in Karbla fight in masjid only . What a bull shit where marrying a six years old girl is justified in mental radical mindset of modern science ? and on top of it Quran says that earth is Flat and Sun moves around Sun , great religion . The whole world understands now that why radical muslims migrate to western world to establish Islamic concept of ISIS Terrorist groups. Now please tag me as an Islamophobic, hate monger, racist ,

      • Mohasha, will you please inform why RSS is hated by Muslims who wants Gajwa E Hind to establish Islamic Rule in India and World , root cause oF Radical Islamic Terrorism ? Is any Muslim country is Secular ? You liar, cheater, foxiness, crafty and consiparator, halala ki aulad,mc.

        Because RSS wants Hindu Rashtra and you people want Islamic India , thats it. So fake narrative like Quran

    • Dude. It’s called free speech. We are not living in Pakistan. I am anti-Hindu terrorists like BJP, RSS who are destroying this country. Go get a life. BJP Is using you to win elections.

      • Great my dear Jihadi vichardhara person !
        Is it not HATE spreading speech against Hindus ?
        First terrorist was a Muslims only who killed Mohammed Sahib nawase son in law Ali in mosque during morning prayer in masjid in Krbla fight. DNA issue.
        Muslims already destroyed country by dividing it into Pakistan on Islamic basis. Gajwa E Hind is being prevented now by BJP, RSS so hate abuse them.
        If all Muslims majority countries be Islamic like Pakistan why not Hindus majority nation to be Hindustan. Foxiness, crafty, and hypocrisy mixed with makkari ! Exposed now…

      • And who divided the country India in 1947 by making Islamic Pakistan on dead bodies of 20 lacs people ?
        Radical Indian(Before partition ) Muslims so BASIC issue or Root Cause is Islam and Muslims want to rule Hindus and India. Therefore they play false Victim card, try to divide and defame Hindus in name of different castes.
        If RSS and Hindus want Hindu Rashtra they become Terrorists which Muslims are who already destroyed country by dividing it into Islamic and Non Islamic, too Smart and Foxiness, Crafty people ….

    • GD aka Dirty Hindu extremist,

      This is the internet, not India. There is nothing anti-Hindu about this article which is dealing with Hindu extremists active in American politics. We will not tolerate RSS Hindu sympathizers here in America. We have no interest in becoming an intolerant sh1thole like India. And no government can stop these facts from being published. This is not God media.

      Hindus like you hate any criticism, and always defend Hindu extremists and terrorists. Everybody knows your dirty Hindutva agenda now, thats what you are so scared about. And who are you to call others traitors, and hanging them? Know your place, hindu gutter rat, and don’t make terroristic threats otherwise the noose will tightened around your scrawny smelly neck.

      • Mr Black , you belong to ISIS or Laskar Tohaba or any other terrorist organisation !
        You are right to hate Hindus and India, you are most welcome to leave India or where Hindus live , mc, and take asylum or citizenship in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait or any Muslim country, bloody, you will be treated as slave in name of Islam and earn from you in name of Hajj, but you people are biggest chutiyas on earth, you believe in Quran which says Earth is Flat, and all Kafir who do Temple worship , need to be killed , the great Holy Book !

        • @nnn aka hindu sewer rat,

          Wrong as usual. You’re just another angry unemployed smelly Hindu extremist rat who can barely communicate. You RSS criminals will be exposed and exterminated. Your insane comments just proves how mentally sick Hindus are in their hatred. You rats are natural born liars. You are natural born liars. I can’t expect intelligence from a cow piss drinking monkey worshipper like you. Muslims don’t believe the Earth is flat or any of the other pathetic lies, you IT cell gaandus spread. You Hindu morons are the ones who believe that the world is carried on the back of Turtle! Kafir chutiya sadak chaap, learn your own history which is shit like 33000000 “gods” killing, eating, raping each other which half human half elephants, blue skinned clowns running around like cartoon characters in a circus. Hinduism is filthy penis worshipping pagan cult no normal person has any respect for.

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  2. Yes in Pakistan the media can write anything. Just because in India no Muslim dare write anything doesn’t mean same is true in Pakistan. This is the RSS LINE OF THINKING. Always skewed.

    • RSS, RSS and RSS ! Absurd and Non sense – Intellectual Terrorism to defame Hindus in name of RSS , justify if you people don’t hate and oppose RSS only on ground that they want Hindu Rashtra and Radical Muslims want to establish Gajwa- e Hind Islamic concept to rule India and Hindus , finish .
      I know that now you will never oppose of Idea of Islamic state to be secular like India but will try to divide and defame Hindus, what a conspiracy of Jihad?Why no Islamic country is secular and give religious freedom to Hindus in Arabic countries ? Radical Islamic Terrosrism only

      • @Jai,

        I see you’re another Hindu extremist idiot spamming your hindutva lies and nonsense? Lying is so deeply embedded in the Hindu psyche, I’m genuinely surprised when a Hindu doesn’t sound like broken English blithering two faced low IQ idiot. You can’t challenge the article because it’s the truth…thats why you’re engaged whataboutism. Hindus are intolerant criminals and terrorists who hate the reality of the RSS being exposed. Brahmin mafia will learn the lesson the hard way.
        Your lies about Muslim apply to you dirty criminal terrorist Hindus. Its a shame you low life animals are treated so well in many Muslim countries. It’s high time you Hindu terrorists be kicked out and send back to India to drown in cow dung. Preston Kulkarni will be exposed and any Hindu trying ti get into public office will have to be screened for sympathy to radical Hindu RSS BJP VHP terrorists.

        • What a non-sense, illogic , irrational reply back full of subjective allegations without any evidences?
          Hahaha, shame on Radical Indian Muslims, never accept the Truth and Fact that first Terrorist was a Muslim who killed Mohammed Sahib nawase Ali and Fatma and relatives in morning prayers in mosque during krbla fight. DNA is terrorist , jhhote , makkari and hiding truth, why no film , documentary on Islam and Quran to let the people know. Where marrying a 6 years old girl is justified on excellent scientific logics, earth is flat like things. Purchasing the animal from market instead of sacrificing sabse pyarri cheeze ,kill and eat him in name of Allah is very good ,
          What is ISIS ? So Osama Bin Laden, Jaishe-e-Mohammed , Lashkar e Toiba are Heros for you people who killed thousands of innocent people.
          What expose RSS ? RSS want Hindu Rashtra as Muslims have 56 Islamic nations, what is wrong in it ? Tell me , if there are no temples in Saudi Arabia or others BUT how many mosques you be India, still you talk non sense , jhoote aur makkar kaum.

          • @ Jai aka Hindu idiot,

            Stop spamming your lie filled Hindu nonsense, you low IQ goo bhakt monkey worshipper. You sound like a stupid animal with your broken English all over the place. You write like a 4th class joker with no logic or sense. I already answered your nonsense before.

            Shame and death be upon radical Hindutva terrorists. I can name thousands of Hindu terrorists and organizations all day from Krishna to Modi. You dont want to play that game with me. Go drink some cow urine.

            Why should there be temples in Saudi Arabia when there are barely any Hindus there? Hindus have never been a part of Saudi Arabia. Muslims have been a part of India for a thousand years with over 250 million of us today…masjids are justified. We have our own constitution which guarantees freedom of religion, you lying langoor. Maybe we should kick out all Hindus out of Muslim countries to teach you haram khors a lesson.

            You’re probably an unemployed jealous Hindu looooser who should sell pakotas to make a living like the terrorist Modi recommend for new college graduates. Dirty, lying, communal Hindus are cancer and we will be the chemotherapy. Haram khor jhootey kamine sadak chaap kutto heh tumari kaum.

        • Scientifically all Meat is made up of Protein, Fats, minerals, tissues, trace elements but you people disregard pig on what basis ? only on mind insect radicalisation without any scientific support.

          • @Jai aka retarded radical Hindu moron

            Pigs eat filth, that’s why we dont eat them. Why are Hindus exporting so much beef? You backward, primitive, uncivilized, unhygienic, monkey worshipping Hindus are against science. Thats why you drink cow urine and bathe and eat cow dung and market it as a cure for diabetes, cancer and even coronavirus! Whats so scientific about defecating in the open which spreads disease. Whats scientific about burning bodies and dumping half burnt corposes in ganges river which is the most polluted sh1t filled body of water in India?

            You Hindus have turned India into the world largest toilet. Gundi ghattiya kamini kaum

          • By the way, where’s the scientific evidence to prove that an elephant head can be installed on a human being..?

            There’s no doubt whatsoever that you are shit people, who eat shit, drink shit and worship ship
            There’s no other religion in entire world as shitty as yours.

        • Bloody do you oppose the idea of Islamic India and TELL all Islamic countries to be secular like India , NEVER, because this is Quran teaching only that who does not follow Islam , is a KAAFIR and they should be killed, hatred , so radicalisation which leads to terrorism.
          Accept it that Muslims are greatest conspirators, liers and makkar .

          • @Jai aka Goo Bhakt liar

            India is not a secular country but a Hindu sh1t hole, thanks to you dirty radical terrorist filthy Hindus. Thats why Hindus leave India as soon as they can. I’ve seen Hindus prefer to clean toilets in America on fake visas rather then live in India. No country wants to be like India.

            You were raised to be a liar because this is common trait of Hindus. The Qur’an does not call for killing or punishing anyone unless they’ve have killed and persecuted us. Compare this to your intolerant filthy Hindu “holy” books full of rape, murder and genocide. Thats why Hindus are prone to sexual criminality, lack of intelligence with low IQ, no civilization, and of course the satanic slavery known as your caste system. Thats why Hinduism is a grand failure and never went beyond India. No intelligence person ever wants to worship animals, drink cow urine, smell bad and crap in the street. Hindu breed terrorism because they are mentally unstable rats who are raised to be jealous and hate everybody.

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            Brahmin mafia need to be exterminated if India is too survive. Evil ghatya jhooti badmash sadak chap kaum.

          • By the way where is the scientific proof that Allah or God or Profet Exists ! May be all wrongly fabricated !
            Profet ride the horse and went to heaven from a rock, any proof, where is the proof that Jesus was born where and who saw it ?
            Radical are both intellectually non sense and religiously blind !
            Have you heard about plastic surgery or robotic surgery ? Any architecture building or invention done by Shantidoots ? Just terrorism and fighting across the world !
            Londkateandhdharmbhakt halala ki aulad only

        • Mr Black, have you enjoyed the Cartoon of your Prophet in French news paper ? And do you support the burning of your Quran by Sweden and Norway citizens ? Join the rioters there and justify your own extremist ideas

          • @secre aka goo bhakt

            Silly Hindu rat, its always funny watching you 3rd rate langoors engage in whataboutism. Nobody gives a sh1t about France or Sweden’s racist behavior….but I’m not surprised you Hindus support it. Whats even funnier is that Europeans look down on Hindus as useful idiots.

            The moment your crazy Hindu beliefs and behavior is exposed you monkey worshipers go crazy. As for riots we see Hindus engage in criminal behavior everyday. You’re so stupid and backward you burn yourselves!

          • By the way, even the name of the religion is not their own. The name hindu is also given by Muslims. They can Google and read the history of the name called “hindu”. (in case if they know how to Google and read, otherwise illiteracy of hindus is very well known).

        • @secret aka silly Hindu troll

          “Foxiness” isn’t even an English word. LOL! Reading the retarded broken English comments of low IQ hindu goo bhakts is funny. I’m not surprised since you langoors worship an illiterate criminal like Modi.

          Hindu extrements, not only have black evil wicked hearts, but are also extremely ugly people. All that hatred inside manifests on the outside. You all look like sh1t eating chors hahaha!

          • Please accept the Truth and Facts that UN has listed all Radical Islamic Terrorists !
            MC go to Pakistan where Indian Muslims wanted ONLY ISLAMIC country, why you want to live in India with Hindus. and Criminals. BC.
            Now Israel is partner with UAE, SA what your Muslims in Palestine will do , contact them for help bf.

  3. PUunish all bastard RSS backed hindu in USA. Muslim should start to eliminate first USA hindu group and its supporters. Muslim should teach lesson to this so called RSS terrorist in USA. RSS is biggest enemy more than US for Muslim and they should be hanged.

    • You are not Allah to punish and Allah is not copy right of Muslims only. Only He has sent Modiji , BJP and RSS to make Muslims taking righteous path to stop terrorism, respect and regards to other religions etc. Muslims have already divided India into Pakistan on basis of Islam, they are most welcome to shift to Pakistan if they do not want to live with Hindus.
      Ameen !

    • Bloody who are you to allege , plead and pass verdict ? This is Radical Islamic Terrorism. Which Islamic country attacked by RSS and Hindus ? Which people killed by RSS ?
      All bastard Radical Islamic backed by Muslims should be put to trial for spreading hatred, disturbing communal harmony and anti-Islamic stand.

      • @ Jai gaaand ji ki,

        Shut your ignorant smelly ass, bastard hindu sewer rat. RSS has been comitting terrorism in India for nearly a hundred years. FACTS are FACTS, it doesnt matter whether a filthy monkey worshipper like you believe it or not. You don’t believe in communal harmoney because you’re a dirty lying RSS asshole. I passed the verdict : Hindus are terrorist shit, and will be flushed down the toilet. Im going to eat beef and going to enjoy it.

    • Sweden , what Muslims have done ? A Great peaceful demonstration as taught in Quran/Hajith and by Prophet , Right and appreciate !
      I challenge if any True Radical Islamist will ever condemn/appreciate the acts in Sweden ! Keep Mum
      This is because of genetic constitution and now will play a Victim card and defend as hate speech for truth

    • Please tell how many persons are killed by RSS in World or when Radical Muslims openly abused Hindu Gods and Goddesses, or they want Hindu rashtra in other states or converted Muslims/ Christians to Hindus,
      And Osama bIN Laden, all terrorists organisations belong to Muslims only as United Nations list, but I know you people will never accept the Truth and Facts
      RSS is preventing Gajwa-E -Hind in India , i.e. Islamic state , therefore, conspiracy and lie against Hindus, who will also defend their life, nation and religion by way of weapons only.

  4. These people are those group who has opressed dalit for 2000 years and forced them to live with sooar. What about there secularism. They never be secular even they are not religious. Self praise has no recommendation.

  5. Mr. Black has proved himself as pure ‘black’ generated from Radical Islamic DNA Intellectual Terrorism without any logics and scientific rationale except displaying true foul culture , thanks God , still not threatened to kill me as ISIS terrorist organisation, Mr. Bagdadi but he is hero , right or wrong, I challenge if Mr Black can condemn it as having 2 pronged snake tongue or call him terrorist ?
    Bloody all terrorists are Muslims only as evidenced across the world since Karbla fight when Ali , Mohammed sahib , son in law was killed by Muslims in masjid only.

    • secret aka Hindu monkey worshipper,

      I can’t understand your broken 3rd grade English and stupid attempts to insults Muslims. Thats why you’re a Hindu. Lying is a part of corrupt DNA. Whatsapp university reject copy and pasting nonsense. Muslims are against terrorism of all sorts, from ISIS to RSS. Its because we Muslims are against terrorism that we dont like you Hindus. I challenge retarded Hindus like you condemn to Modi the mass murdering Hindu terrorist, condemn RSS, BJP, Savarkar, Shiv Sena etc I know Hindus are two face hypocrites who all support terrorism and killing innocent people for their own agenda.

      Hinduism is a failed cancerous anti-human ideology which has brought nothing but misery, slavery, murder, hatred to the world…thats why no one wants this fake filthy religion anywhere. Your lies are weak just like your religion. Islam is the chemotherapy you need.

      • Halala ki aulad ho bhai app ! Saudi Arabia main citizenship lekar dikhao gaand main dam ho to , kutte ki tarh app logo ki ma, bhn chodede hai woh log aur app chuste hai unka , Hindus ko galli dene se kuch nahi hoga !

        • Areh hindu goo khane wale kutte ki chut,

          Why would I want Saudi citizenship when I, an American citizen? I can get Saudi citizenship anytime, I have the means and money to do it. You would rent and sell your mother to clean toilets in Saudi Arabia or any other country because you know you have no future in India. That’s reality. Dirty filthy two faced Hindus all want to leave India after they turned the country into a sh1t hole. In fact Hindus bring criminality wherever they go, thats why no one lies you monkey worshippers.

          Hindus are low IQ retarded liars and idiots who bend over and spread their ass cheeks to anyone for paisa. Tum ne humari chusi thi hazar saal ke liye…. phir se chuus na badega! Intezar karo aur corona apni kaali gaand meh dalo!

  6. Many thanks for Mr Black to display their real Quran/Hajith teachings by way of beautiful expressions of language , respect and regards to other religions ! Appreciate it ! Make a film of Mohammed marrying six year old girl and glorify the science , justify killing kaafir will get one 72 hoors in jannat or proving that earth is flat.
    Proud of you !

    • Jai aka Hindu gutter monkey,

      You’re trying so hard you sad smelly sanghi bhangi. I’m treating you as you should be treated like a dirty piece of sh1t. No human being obligated to polite and nice to hostile hate filled filthy creatures like you Hindu extremists. Not only are you retarded, even your lies are laughable.

      The movie that needs to be made is of Krishana the pervert who stole women’s underwear, and the thousands of women he supposedly married. Countless Hindu “gods” had sex with children including their own sisters. Brahma comes to mind. Whoever wrote your “holy” books was probably crazy and high on drugs. Muslims don’t believe that the earth is flat, you low IQ cow worshipper. Hinduism believes the world is carried around on a turtle and elephants! hahaha! No wonder so many Hindus are embarrassed of this nonsense!

      You should be ashamed being part of lunatic cult of hinduism which has no place in civilized world. Keep drinking cow urine for curing coronavirus!

  7. Mr Black please answer specific question about killing of Ali, Fatma, nawase and relatives by terrorist Muslims in masjid in prayers in krbla fight and marrying a six years old girl .
    Is religious freedom for Hindus in Saudi Arabia ? Temples ? Churches ? No Hindu can enter Makkah , so who are more radical, conservative, non secular, undemocratic, Muslims or Hindus ?
    Obviously – Muslims , but still you will not accept truth and facts – because as per Quran you think Earth is Flat , please abuse, threat , foul language for Hindus to respect your Quran and Hajith and ask Bollywood to make films also on this

    • Wrong. Hindu extremists and terrorists are india’s biggest problem. Abolishing the radical cult of Hinduism will liberate India from backwardness and criminality.

      • Lets all go back to pre-Mugal era in India. Mughals bought us nothing more than barbaric religion and destruction of our culture and now that we have been enslaved and converted, we are turning against our own culture and values. I have found peace and happiness after leaving this barbaric religion, I can only pray that you find the courage to do the same one day.

          • whole world has turned against islam-however nothing can convinvince you

            europe has stopped muslims comeing in- in sealed trucks and boat loads.

            in india police will take care of you-

            you stay in india, and refuse to leave-

            spend time abuseing hindus, india

            no self respect- west much tougher than silly hindus

      • Ok, Mr. Black Liar, Radical Muslims Terrorists is the main problem in US, UK, Sweden, Norway, Israel, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Srilanka, Newzealand, Iraq, Saudi Arabia , Yemen, India, at least 100 Muslims terrorists organisations listed in United Nations while not a single Hindu or Hindu organisation is listed as terrorists one. Still Mr Black do you think you are the most trustworthy person on earth ?
        Islamic Terrorism means to enforce the Shariya Law across the world by establishing Islamic state while Hindus have not such agenda. No Muslim majority country is secular, why ?
        Foxiness, crafty, makkar and jhoote insaan , Islam ke naam par dabba , very unfortunate to learn your skills, mental status as rightly written in Quran that earth is Flat and Sun takes round the earth and Kaafir to be killed !

  8. It is funny to see Mr. Black’s comments presuming he is a muslim. Here he is fighting Hindus, in the US he will be fighting Christians, in East Asia Chinese, Burmese and Thais, in Europe Russians, in the Middle East Jews, in Africa Christians.

    Why ARE muslims HATED so much globally?

    Mr. Black has a major inferiority complex. Yes, we know Mohammad went to jail and had a 12 year old wife and Saudi Arabia just legalized women to drive last year, and how muslims do not bathe daily and think its clean, or worship a rock (kaaba)… all the contemporary greatness of Islam…

    Mr. Black should keep his verbal diarrhea to himself. Or, as most White Americans would tell him, ” go back where he came from.” Why did Trump ban muslims?

    • Absolutely right, I have not heard a single Muslim who openly asked Islamic Countries to be Secular in modern era and never thought why richer Middle East Muslims Countries do not give asylum/ permanent residence to Muslims from poor countries. But Muslims from India want to be slave of Arab countries only by working and will protest around the year by playing fake and false victim card. Too shameful.
      Concept is spread Muslims all over the world to make Darul Esalam. If you say this you are a hate monger, Islamophobic, Racists and Sanghi and RSS people. Most Foxiness observed in this religion.

      • Jai aka Hindu gutter rat,

        Your projecting your Hindu RSS mental illness again. Seriously you type like a retarded 6 year old hindu child who hasn’t eaten in days. You’re repeating the same old lies which is what Hindus typically do. Hindus are dirty, filthy, racist pagan fascists and extremists, you are NOT secular yourself, you don’t even believe in India’s constitution! Muslim countries host millions of refugees. Why are so many Hindus working in Muslim countries? Why do you want to clean our toilets instead of living in India? Its because you smelly rats know you have no future in India. Why Muslims are slaves to NO ONE, especially not to you Hindu sh1t eating dogs. You have an inferiority complex because you know Hinduism is a failure.

        The question why Hindus cannot get along with any other community? Its because you are intolerant uncivilized hate filled loooosers. Your religion is trash which is why it spread no where as no one is interested in caste based slavery and worshipping monkeys and cows. Any Hindu with an IQ above his shoe size converted out, and rightly so.
        Now go back to drinking cow urine and defecating on the street,

    • @Smitty aka Hindu scartty,

      Another low IQ Hindu fanatic monkey worshiper vomits his diarrhea from both sides of your mouth. Your post is sad repetitive joke like all the sanghi bhangi from whatsapp. Which RSS toilet were you given birth in? Stupid uneducated Hindus like you make no sense whatsoever. Trump didn’t ban Muslims. In fact he banned a bunch of Indians for filing fake H1b visas. I don’t have a problem with any other religion just Hinduism because its fascistic evil slave system which teaches hatred. Muslims aren’t hated globally at all. That would be Hindus who are corrupt and disliked everywhere they go. No wonder you can’t along with Buddhists, Christians, and even fellow Hindus based on caste! You know white Americans call you? Dot heads and street sh1tters!

      You know deep down your fairy tales are a joke. Krishana the pervert who stole women’s underwear, and the thousands of girls he supposedly married. Countless Hindu “gods” had sex with children including their own sisters. Brahma comes to mind. You morons worship Shiva’s d1ck! Whoever wrote your “holy” books was probably crazy and high on drugs. Muslims don’t believe that the earth is flat, you low IQ cow worshipper. Hinduism believes the world is carried around on a turtle and elephants! hahaha! No wonder so many Hindus are embarrassed of this nonsense!

      Keep chewing cow dung, and keep your cow urine to yourself, smelly Hindutva gutter rat.

  9. Oh my is Mr Black retarded?

    Common knowledge that muzzies marry first cousins which leads to mental retardation.

    Pedophile loving Mohammed worshippers are slaughtered today in:

    -Middle east (dumbfvks kill themsleves)

    Fact: Even the Hindus that have been attacked in US were CONFUSED as Muzzies.

    No one wants these dirty, pedo worshipping, sister fkkng mental retards.

    No wonder Sunni Muzzie girls flock to any guy other than fkkng Muzzies.

    Know so many that are getting passed around in the US.

    Probably Mr Blacks sister is included.


  10. Oh my is Mr Black retarded?

    Common knowledge that muzzies marry first cousins which leads to mental retardation.

    Pedophile loving Mohammed worshippers are slaughtered today in:

    -Middle east (dumbfvks kill themsleves)

    Fact: Even the Hindus that have been attacked in US were CONFUSED as Muzzies.

    No one wants these dirty, pedo worshipping, sister fkkng mental retards.

    The ENTIRE WORLD HATES Muslims for a reason.

    Hindus in America WANT H1Bs to stay back in India and help build India. They don’t care for H1B.

    Why does Trump have 10 Hindus in his team, including FTC chairman, DHHS chairperson, former spokesperson? Man you are one retarded little b$txh. No Muzzies though.

    We all (the entire world) hate you.

    No wonder Sunni Muzzie girls flock to any guy other than fkkng Muzzies.

    Know so many Sunni chicks are getting passed around in the US.

    Probably Mr Blacks sister is included.


    • Oh look another bitter Hindu street shitter is triggered by facts. What a typical sad loooser typing wishful nonsense. I dont blame you since Hindus are incapable of truth. Actually the world hates no religion except Hinduism which is superstitious nonsense based on pedophelia, rape, murder, incest with circus clown with blue skin and half human half elephant freaks out of a horro movie. You speak for no one except your own deluded hindu mindset. Name the 10 Hindus on Trump’s team, you lying smelly monkey worshipper. LoL Trump banned H1B visas from Indians because of the fraud you Hindus commit. Seriously you Hindus know India is shithole which will never get anywhere, thats why you would rent your mother to come to America to clean toilets. This is why no one hires Hindus besides unskilled manual labor and garbage collectors. The rest are scammers in medicine, yoga and call center fraud.

      Hindus are incompetant, hate filled pathetic low IQ liars. Your women are passed around and flushed down the toilet in India which is why they hate Hindu men, who are weak, unmanly and stink who can only rape in large groups. Im sure your sister is a devdasi temple prostitute. In the west, Hindu women always marry out because they have better options then their disgusting ugly men. The only Indians who succeed in American politics are those who converted to Christianity, and don’t want to associate with Hinduism.

      Peace will come to India and the world when the terrorist brahmin cult of Hinduism is abolished. Anybody with two brain cells and hygiene hates Hindus, and rightly so.


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