Historical societies object to RSS versions of concocted history!

Audrey Truscke

By S. Bur’an

The RSS and Hindutva ideology is based on false narrations and concocted history, they are known for lying a lot about history and feed  it to their Bhakths who digest it without checking facts and then revel in hatred of their own co-citizens.


But learned scholars, academia etc are not going to buy these fictitious  stories peddled as history!

The renowned historian  Audrey Truschke is doing her professional job of  sifting between truth and made up stories. She can’t help it. She has a job to do as honesty as she could. In Hyderabad she was stopped  for her views on some other issues.

She is a genuine historian and has to go by certain rules, regulations and systems that will never please the Hindutvadis and  RSS brigade who base everything on myth and concocted imaginary history.

The world is waking up to their peddling of such untrue narrations.The sooner they accept all those who ruled India as Indian kings and not Hindus or Muslim kings is good for all of us.

The history is full of wars between Hindu kings and between Muslim kings, there are hundreds of examples. Aurangzeb finished off all opposing Muslim rulers in his tenure. He fought mostly Muslim kings and subdued them.

Hindu kings had Muslim generals and Muslim armies. Best example is Shivaji Maharaj who was never communal like these Savarkaris today. Similarly Muslim Kings had Hindu Generals and Hindu army. The best example is Aurangzeb. There was no communal divide then. There were great people both Hindus and Muslims on both sides.

Both Shivaji and Aurangzeb were kind, fair and just to their subjects irrespective of their religions. Take any book on Indian history this is common.
Please note there was no communalism in that era. It was only injected in 1857 by The British after the policy of divide and rule.

I wish Hindutva adopts truth and shuns all falsehood. Have a policy of live and let live. Reject “Divide and Rule” policy.
Their attempt at rewriting a desired wishful history is being laughed at as a novel kind of fiction.

They removed Aurangzeb name from a road in New Delhi, that aroused lot of interest in Aurangzeb and since then so many books have come out in the West and Germany celebrated his 400 years birthday  in a big way and held many seminars etc. No Muslims were involved. It was completely a European affair. They consider him as one of the greatest emperor of all time.

Let’s not be censorious just take history as is, we will be a laughing stock in Historical Societies the world over if we attempt to rewrite it. Best thing is to own it and leave it at that.



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