How a known Arab media personality justifies the persecution of Indian Muslims 

Abdulrahman Alrashed

By Special Correspondent

An Arab media personality, Abdulrahman Alrashed, is facing wrath on social media after he allegedly tried to “normalize” the gruesome Assam incident where a photojournalist in viral video was purportedly seen jumping on motionless body of a Muslim man, identified as Moinul Haque, during an eviction drive. The brazen killing has widely been condemned across the globe with an Arabic Twitter hashtag trended calling for a boycott of Indian products.


Alrashed tweeted, “Just as there are sinners and terrorists between Muslims, there are sinners and terrorists among Hindus. These are attempts to create a wedge with India by inflaming feelings, and telling half of the stories that in the past produced al-Qaeda and deceived thousands of Muslim children.”

AlRashed, who is a former chairman of Al-Arabiya’s editorial board and is a columnist and former editor-in-chief for the

London-based Arabic daily Asharq al-Awsat, was disparaged on the social media for “being soft on Hindutva terror”.

In a  tweet Rashed  has justified the killing and prosecution of Indian Muslims by state sponsored Hindutva  militants who act with full impunity particularly in states in where the BJP is in governments.

Mr Al Rashed is also associated with The Washington Institute which aims “to advance a balanced and realistic understanding of American interests in the Middle East and to promote the policies that secure them”. It’s known for its Israeli sympathies.  In fact Rashed belongs to the same group like Turki Al-Hamad and other Saudi and Gulf media writers who are known for their anti-Islam views. He had been ostracized by many.

In 2010 Rashed was sacked  from the post of manager following the broadcast of a controversial programme on Al Arabiya titled ‘Islam and the West’, which included a series offence against the Saudi Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Wahab.”

If a check is made of his writings there is none that shows a sympathy for the plight of the Muslim causes anywhere in the world. His latest tweet on the Indian situation is just “a shameless rant”.

Rashed is not alone. Faisal Abbas, another Islamophobe, was made Editor-in-Chief’  of prestigious  English daily, Arab News,  which for years was known to represent the feelings of Arab masses and had great reputation not only in Arab world but also   Muslim world and the  West . The newspaper, which was nurtured by renowned media stalwarts like the Hafez Brothers and Editor In Chief like Khaled    Almaeena who was  described as the “people’s editor”and was known as ” the Green Truth” has now been reduced as a tool of some crooks influenced by Zionist lobby. A naturalized Saudi ,Abbas’s elevation to the editorial position has almost killed the paper.

With the emergence of new pro Israeli policies many media personalities in the Gulf, particularly in the KSA and the UAE, have got patronage of Zionist lobby working for years in the Arab world. It seems, most of the media outlets in the Kingdom are running under direct control of those who want to erase any link with the past.

A Washington based media analyst said that the majority of Arab journalists in the diaspora have been bought to toe the new pro Israeli line. He added there is more focus on Israeli atrocities in the occupied West Bank than in the Gulf papers.

As for Alrashed’s tweet he said ” ever since I knew him from the days in  London his enmity for  Muslim or Islam was obvious”.

However  Twitterati  vehemently reacted to AlRashed’s tweet.

Ustad  Abdul Rahman has cured the official Indian Hindu terrorism against Indian Muslim . Would you comment on it ? asked Saleh.

Bint Al Ghaim tweeted “Muslim government . with their army , security and media persons stand against non-Muslim minorities ?Does the Egyptian government, for example , stand by and watch in the event and the  the Christian individuals and churches of the Egyptians are attacked ? Man, does Saudi Arabia allow the Shiites to be offended, and even as a hint ? What is happening in India is terrorism with organised government support.

Another twitter user  Khalid R. Almofadda  said ” You know what is happening in India is supported by the government. It’s strange that you mention Muslims as a justification that whats is happening has nothing to do with government

Even the Zionist newspapers talked about this crime and equated it with what happened in the Holocaust. We only want Islamic countries to intervene to stop what is happening to Muslims.

As for our journalists, we are washing our hands from them“.



  1. What a great shame , ?
    A man without conscience , inhuman , Deen faroush , anything but Rashad , He is La _rashad , misguided psychopath ,

  2. This is what happens when freedom of speech and freedom of expression are in short supply around the world.
    Understand, he said what he thought and the people who replied to his tweets also did the same.
    If the whole of Muslims continue to identify themselves as Muslims, even others will, and this leads to tension in the society.
    A purely legal issue related to eviction of squatters has been turned into a communal and religious issue mostly due to Muslims playing the victim card at every occasion, whether it is apt or not.
    This practice must stop and Muslims must take the side of the law. If jot, trust erodes in the Muslim community and whether or not they believe in our rules and laws.

  3. These kinds of psycho path journalists must be killed and defend/justify their killing by putting their same logic into their mouths that there are terrorists among all groups and religions and what happened to them should be taken as normal living style and still continue killing these kinds of journalists until you will never see in future those kinds of statements hurting the victimized groups.

  4. “Just as there are sinners and terrorists between Muslims, there are sinners and terrorists among Hindus. These are attempts to create a wedge with India by inflaming feelings, and telling half of the stories that in the past produced al-Qaeda and deceived thousands of Muslim children.”

    Read that again and again. How in Allah’s name can MM twist this to portray him as justifying “persecution of Muslims” is beyond me and a zillion others. He is literally begging the fanatics to cool it. Listen up.


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