Hyderabad : Book emphasizing on ‘importance of life insurance’ for Muslims released


“Important to consider buying financial security,” say religious leaders during the release ceremony of Dr. Aleem Khan  Falaki’s book “Life Insurance Today’s most important need”

By Muslim Mirror Staff

Hyderabad :  Aleem Khan Falaki’s latest book “Life Insurance” was released at a function held at Hotel Ashoka, Hyderabad. Khatib-e-Shahi Masjid Maulana Dr. Ahsan Bin Al-Hamumi unveiled the book. Among the special guests were Sheikh Hassan Al-Hamumi, Maulana Waliullah Sharif Idrees son of Mufti Khawaja Sharif, Mir Masood Khan Senior Advocate High Court, Advocate Zahooruddin Bani Secunderabad Cooperative Bank, Syed Latifuddin Financial consultants were involved. This book was published in English many years ago, now it has been published in Urdu.

Maulana Ahsan bin Al-Hamoumi, one of the leading scholars in the field of social, religious, and educational affairs of the nation in his revolutionary thought and practice, commented on the book and said that it was in the light of Qur’an and Hadith that Muslims should now take care of  their lives and properties. It is imperative to take measures to protect them’.

“It is important to consider buying financial security for yourself and your family as soon as possible, using insurance companies that partner with companies operating under Shariah compliance,” he said.

He also said that although the ulema are convinced; due to the misconceptions in the minds of the majority of the people who make irresponsible comments without studying or researching, the ulema are blamed.

The author of the book, Dr. Aleem Khan Falaki said that giving a fatwa on life insurance without reading this book carefully is unjust. “Since the opinion of the ulema is divided, following the arguments of the ulema who allow life insurance, such as Maulana Manazer Ahsan Gilani, Mufti Zafiruddin, Darul Uloom Deoband, Mujahidul Islam Qasmi, and Jamia Nizamia, they buy financial security in the current situation Must be saved,” he said.
“In view of the plight of thousands of innocent children who have been left helpless in the event of tragic deaths, accidents, riots, old age, disability, marriage, divorce or separation, it is imperative that people pay attention to financial planning,” he added.

Advocate Mir Masood Khan said, “Whatever the situation is, it is under the will of God, and of course Allah Almighty has given the solution, now it is the responsibility of the thinking class of the Ummah. An attempt has been made in the book, do the same yourself and try to make it a success in practice.”

Zahooruddin, the founder and director of the Secunderabad Bank, said that before the establishment of the bank, there were obstacles ranging from debates of legitimacy to illegality, which ultimately led to the success of the bank. “The only solution is to keep Muslims safe from all kinds of economic hardships,” he said.

Syed Latifuddin Sahib, who has years of experience working in various insurance companies, reviewed the plans of companies operating on various Shariah-compliant basis and said, “For people of all ages and all kinds of circumstances. Insurance saves you from the hassle of loans, mortgages, and finally selling a home.”

Raees Ahmed Sahib, the moderator of the event, said that people are happy to pay the doctor and lawyer’s fees in advance but when they want financial planning, which is the backbone of the family’s survival they don’t consult the experts resulting in the economy of Muslim’s which everyone is aware of.


  1. You think Muslims who have not read about life insurance and how it works will read your book all of a sudden ?? You are barking down the wrong tree, respected sir. Plz stop bringing religious leaders as endorsements. We muslims need normal and regular educational upliftment, just what everyone else is getting. Plz try to help out community in such a way.

  2. This is just to propogate a fast selling financial product which is popular in general public where a large number of people contribute a specific sum (small to big) to make a pool which is used in case of any mishappening. The same purpose can be served among muslims too if our system of Zakaat is strengthened and Baitul Maal is established. Accepting others product and ignoring our shariah compliant system of Zakaat and Baitul Maal will not serve the purpose.


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