I want to repeat the Kerala model of Muslim empowerment in UP : Ameer Ahamed

Mr. Ahamed addressing the 1st Annual Meeting of Vision 2040 held on Sunday

By Muslim Mirror Staff

Aligarh: I want to repeat the ‘Kerala Model of Muslim Empowerment’ in Uttar Pradesh. The empowerment of Muslims in UP will change the condition of Muslims in the entire country, said  Ameer Ahamed the managing trustee of Manappat Foundation.

Mr. Ahamed was addressing the 1st Annual Meeting of Vision 2040 held on Sunday, 16-Oct-2016 at Residential Coaching Academy (RCA), AMU.

Vision 2040 Project is an endeavor of Manappat Foundation, a Corporate Social Responsibility wing of Manappat Group.

He also gave an inspiring account of his journey so far. He acknowledged the efforts of the team members, donors and supporters. “For the  change in society we need a paradigm shift ” he emphasized. He further appealed the audience to volunteer for the noble work being carried out by Vision 2040. Also, he hoped that through his project he will be able to establish a network and create synergy among various NGOs working for minorities in U.P.

Hailing from Kerala , Mr Ameer Ahamed, an AMU alumnus stated the project in 2015 to achieve significant advancement in the educational, economic and social status of the marginalized communities of Uttar Pradesh.


The aim of the meeting was the assessment of annual progress on current projects of Vision 2040 and deliberations on prospects of future projects. It served as a platform to acknowledge the contribution and support of well wishers of Vision 2040 project. Notable personals of AMU and scores of concerned persons attended the meeting.

The Chief Guest of the Annual Meeting, Lt. Gen. (retd.) Zameer Uddin Shah, V.C of AMU emphasized on the importance of school education for Muslims. He referred schools as the foundation of one’s character which should be further strengthened.“Our aim is to open Sir Syed National School in every district,” said V.C.

The Guest of Honor Dr. Nadeem Tarin, President of Nadeem Tarin Educational society highlighted the scope of work required to be done in small towns, villages and remote areas. He promised full help and support to Vision 2040 team in Sambhal for education, employment and health related initiatives.

The special guest, Dr. Hasan Kamal, USA suggested standardizing of the educational modules to enable access of underprivileged sections to quality education. Presentation on Vision 2040’s one year journey, various projects undertaken and future plans were made by Dr. Ahmad Faraz Khan, Consultant, Vision 2040, Dr. Reshma Parveen, Academic Consultant Vision 2040 and Prof. Parvaiz Talib, Senior Advisor, Vision 2040.

A group photo of Manappat Foundation team, Aligarh.
A group photo of Manappat Foundation team, Aligarh.

The students of Hamara School, Malha Ka Nagla and Vision School, Nemali, Hathras presented speeches and hymns which were well appreciated by the audience. Prof. Abdul Hasan Siddiqui, Ex Pro-VC, AMU, Dr. Tariq Azam from Malaysia , Prof. Rashid Haiyat Siddiqui, Prof. Amanullah Khan, JNMC, Prof. Kalimuddin Ahmad, Director RCA, Mr. Danish Aziz, Mr. Shadab Shah, Maulana Ghufran Anjum and many other distinguished persons and large number of volunteers were present on this occasion.


  1. Charging is very high for hufaz family’s not economic sound to full fill fees for 10 th , 11th, 12th as per vision int. Academy management demand & for reach and sound family’s why come to vision …. they can every where ….
    So open a study center or school certificate for needy … with all types facility , if u don’t have budget please take only 5 to 6 hufaz and provide him good education including Arabic & English spoken to lead world and get good position also understand Al Quran by Arabic language.
    I think so … I talk to vision administration they asked money 70000 for school study one year and said no discount, I request then said we will see if zakat money come to us then we give 10.000/ only not more ..
    It’s nit way to help and say will from zakat …. even u help any one don’t say it’s zakat money ….
    I think humiliation…
    Allah guide us to serve people with humble and respect …

  2. “It’s nit way to help and say will from zakat …. even u help any one don’t say it’s zakat money ….
    I think humiliation…”

    >I think the problem is ignorance.

    Allah subhanu wa ta’ala has himself stated that the zakat money is OWED to these beneficiaries.

    Only a JAHIL, will believe what the Creator himself ORDERS is something to be ASHAMED of.

    That is a “cultural problem” insulting to the one who sent the message, as a mercy to take the PUNISHMENT off a donor. On the CONTRARY the recipient is HELPING the donor.

    ZAKAT is NOT VOLUNTARY charity given out of the goodness of heart of the donor, or for gaining personal benefit in the Akhirah. It is an OBLIGATION.

    If the Indian Muslims & their Ulama don’t understand & believe this with mind & heart, then is it any wonder that a standing insult of the Creator, may result in punishments in this world & the next?

    The Dunya drunkards have no shame in consuming HARAM WEALTH e.g. Ri’ba Bank manager jobs, stealing inheritances (in OPEN defiance of the Qur’anic ORDERS), glorified vulgar courtesans e.g. shameless seedy “entertainment” Celebrity actors/”heroes”? & dancers etc

    RIZQ is from the Ar-RAZZAQ.

    If I, or my family, were under the nisaab level of wealth, I WOULD feel no SHAME, in accepting Zakat, as it is the Rahman’s order to balance out HIS wealth!



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