Iftar party hosted by an Ayodhya Temple, Maghrib prayers also held


By Azam Abbas for Muslim Mirror.com,

Uttar Pradesh: Ayodhya is often in news about Babri masjid controversy but what could be termed as a positive change, a temple in Ayodhya on Monday hosted iftar party for Muslims to promote communal harmony.


The temple, Saryu Kunj hosted iftar for the members of Muslim community and Maghrib prayers were offered in the premises of the temple.

The temple built 500 years ago is situated next to the Ramjanambhoomi-Babri Masjid site.

Interestingly, no political figure or VIPs were invited and the invitation was reserved only for the common people. “We want to give a message that there is no political motive behind the move, we just want to spread a message of peace from Ayodhya to the world,” said Sarju Kunj mahant Jugal Kishore Sharan Shastry.

“As we know that next year we have Lok Sabha elections in our country and political parties will play the Mandir Masjid card, but with this type of initiative we wish to build an atmosphere of love wherein we learn to respect each other’s sentiments and sensitivities,” Mahant added.

Media persons were also not allowed to cover the function.


  1. What prevents other groups whose services are used as needed by H&M alike but unlike (religion), poor or rich (status), high or low (caste), like hospitals, colleges, shopping centers, high schools, and the like. Here we need a change of heart, not political/electoral gain. Unless that happens the foxy policies of BJP (Modi), RSS, VHP, and extremists from the Muslim community will fail us.


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