Impressed by Islamic Shariah, Henry Brian a British Professor embraces Islam

Henry Brian

By Muslim Mirror Network

Henry Brian, a professor and doctor of religious studies has reportedly embraced Islam and left Christianity after a deep research in Islamic Sharia.


He announced abouf his new religion in front of his.

“I am very grateful to Allah for giving me this opportunity to be a Muslim”, he said.

Henry Brian moved from Edinburgh to England in 2009 and as a PhD student in religious studies he has developed a great interest in Islam that prompted him to convert.

The transfer decision has come as a shock to Henry’s friends and family. While all his family members were happy, he lost some friends as soon as he declared Islam.

Henry’s youngest sister, Katie Shaw, 24, said: “I’m still in shock from what happened, but I’m eager for the new adventure that awaits”

Supporting Henry’s decision to embrace the new religion his mother, Emily Shaw, 63 said, “It is the most important day in our family’s history and the dawn of a new time, and I hope Henry does not regret his decision but has the full support of myself and the rest of the family.” 


  1. ماشاء اللہ ” I proud of concept and features of Islam I can say no one can keep away from the magnetic power of Islam. But Oh! we the Khandani Muslims go where .

  2. Congratulations to Professor Henry for his study and researche in this period of ‘Islamophobia’ .
    May Allah guide all of us to the truth

    By pro. Mohammad Ali sullami from India

  3. Mashaallah. Welcome to Islam my brother. Allah guides whomsoever He wills. You are the chosen one. How blessed you are. May you remain steadfast and pray your family too accept Islam. Ameen.

  4. That’s how some people study religion. Get inside and practice . But remember these are the best persons who expose Islam eventually

  5. Congratulations Professor Henry Brian. You’re the chosen one from almighty Allah. Allah guides whom He wills. Welcome to the ummah of Mohammed صلی الله عليه وسلم. May Allah keep you steadfast in your deen and make you reason for many more lives to be saved from the hellfire. Salam from the state of Minnesota, USA.

  6. Well Done Brian!
    Ahamdolillah you have secured your place in Jannah.
    May Allah be pleased with you
    Kindest regard Slmz


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