‘In name of so-called ‘Love Jihad’, my unborn child was killed’ , Muskan


By Special Correspondent

New Delhi: “In the name of so-called love jihad, my child was killed even before entering into this world.” This was whined by the victim Muskan  Jehan alias Pinky who was tortured so much that she suffered a miscarriage at the naari nekaton for marrying a Muslim man.

A fact finding report released by the rights group NCHRO stated that it was simply a witch-hunt case as there was no religious conversion angle involved in this interfaith marriage.

A team of NCHRO visited Kanth town in Moradabad district to unearth the facts of the case. In the name of so-called “love jihad”, a woman was tortured so much that she suffered a miscarriage and her husband and brother-in-law were still under judicial custody.

When the team of NCHRO reached the house of the victim’s family, the victim had just come back from the hospital. She was being escorted from the van by two women! Victim Muskan told the team that she has “married Rashid on July 24th  in Dehradun. They had gone to Kanth (Moradabad) to register their marriage. They were going to the registrar’s office for registration when near Ravidas mandir, people from ultra right wing organisation surrounded them and abused the victim and her husband, and physically assaulted them. They then called the police. The police took the victim and her husband and brother-in-law to the police station, and on December 5 at the odd hour of 2 am, she was sent to Naari Niketan. Muskan told the police that she is pregnant since 7 months.

“In Naari Niketan, abusive and nasty comments were passed at me, and I was tortured because of which my stomach started to hurt. When my health severely deteriorated, I was taken to the hospital where the doctors gave me many injections. However, I was not at all relieved. Instead, I started bleeding profusely, and consequently my pregnancy got aborted. My child was killed before even entering this world”.

Rashid’s aunt told us that they are scared. Their two sons are in jail even though they have not committed any crime. Still their children are treated this way. The victim’s family has appealed for justice and has demanded the release of their sons. With regard to this incident, the team tried to get the police’s side of the story but the station head could not be reached out to!

The fact finding team was led by advocate Masroof Kamaal, the joint convener of NCHRO, West UP. NCHRO members J.A. Faizi, Irfan Ansaari, Mohammed Afzal were also present in the team.


  1. Sadaqa e Jaariyaa for Asad Owaisi’s “trustworthy” licence to devilish “fraud EVMs”–the backbone of the murderous Hindu Rashtra power.


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