India facing ‘possible collapse’, says Nobel laureate Amartya Sen

Amartya Sen

The biggest crisis that India is facing today is the “possible collapse of the nation”, Nobel laureate and renowned economist Amartya Sen said on Thursday.

Speaking at the inauguration of Amartya Research Centre in Kolkata’s Salt Lake area, Sen said that people should work towards maintaining unity and that divisions should not be made along religious lines.

“I think if someone asks me if I’m scared of something, I would say ‘yes’. There is a reason to be afraid now. The current situation in the country has become a cause for fear,” the celebrated economist said.


“I want the country to be united. I don’t want division in a country that was historically liberal. We have to work together,” Sen added.

Sen further said, “The world came to know of Upanishads because of a Muslim Prince. Dara Sikhoh, Shah Jahan’s son, learnt Sanskrit and translated some of the Upanishads into Persian.”

Asserting that India cannot belong only to the Hindus or to the Muslims, Sen stressed on the need to stay united in line with the country’s traditions..

“India cannot be (a country) of Hindus only. Again, Muslims alone cannot make India. Everyone has to work together,” Sen added. (With PTI inputs)


  1. Hindus in India are circling the wagons against other Indians, so they clearly have been made to feel very insecure by the Indian government.
    The Indian government clearly feels the need to agitate their basest primal fears to generate support to stay in power. Does it have no positive achievement to show the people?
    If not, what do they hope to achieve by staying in power?
    No one stops Hindus from practicing Hinduism in India, so it is not this right they seek to protect.
    This behaviour will not encourage non-Hindus in India to convert to the Hindu faith also.
    Encouraging non-Hindus to emigrate will export their capital and skills. Mass emigration will also diminish the size of the Indian market, that attracts foreign investment presently.
    Is is just mindless fanaticism or am I missing something?

    • Encouraging non-Hindus to emigrate will export their capital and skill.

      Muslims account for 15% of population yet they account for only about 5 to 6% of GDP.
      So even if they emigrate, India won’t lose anything.

      • hahaha sanghi bhangi,

        Without Muslims there is no India…just a Hindu fascist sh1t hole. If all Hindus are expelled from Muslim countries for permanent wapsi to their bhangi bharat mata, its game over as even don’t want to live in a failed hindu sh1t hole.

        • @Mr Black,
          If you expel all Hindus from Islamic country then who will manage their countries? because middle east muslims are ‘Aiyyash’ people. Have you ever heard any Arabic muslim a well known scientist? No.. they are simply ‘Aiyyash’ & illiterate people.

  2. It is important for people to understand that the region today called India has been ruled by outsiders for a thousand years. What is happening presently is a historic evolution, similar to many other parts of the world which have been colonized and run by foreigners. It will take time for the situation to stabilise and so called intellectuals need to understand better.

  3. The man who swindled crores of money as Nalanda University Chancellor, and by appointing relatives of high profile politicians, was asked by Modi Govt to honourably resign rather than face corruption charges is the one talking of India. We Indians know to take care of ourselves and our Nation. Stop lecturing.

    • Worse than corruption, this vain, self-absorbed, pseudointellectual squandered for five years a golden opportunity to revive and build up a class A university for Indian Culture. Boston is his place; not India.


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