INDIA: From Democracy to Modicracy

Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi

By Aslam Abdullah,
Deception is the act of making someone believe something that is not true. The latest statement of Modi, the RSS-BJP candidate for the Indian Prime-ministerial position describing Muslims as brothers is a cacophony in deception. The glibness in this fakery is well evident. Once he called the same “brothers” puppies and once he wanted to teach them a lesson, but now they are his brothers because he wants to create an image of a compassionate leader ready to govern the world’s largest democracy. It is nothing but a sham and an exercise in deceit. Even though politics itself is a deceptive art, but one has to coin a new term to describe what Modi has been saying and doing. We can call it Modicracy, a process to take control of government through a web of lies and deceptions.
The real agenda of RSS and BJP is to create a Hindu Rashtra (Hindu nation) run by the teachings of Vedas, Ramayana,, Gita and Manusmriti. This Rashtra must reflect the Hindu social structure where people are accorded a stagnant position by birth, where purity and profanity is dependent on one’s birth and not one’s merits and where certain castes are most favored by the creator than the others. RSS believes in an India that has little room for non-Hindus. Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, even Jains and Jews must succumb to Hindu social structure and laws and accept the superiority of the upper castes because they are malich or untouchables.
RSS and BJP have already succeeded in infiltrating schools, military, bureaucracy, and law enforcement agencies as well as the media and judiciary. They are promoting their ideals in these vital institution creating hated. RSS and BJP leaders are threatening people who are opposed to their style of leadership of dire consequences and they are inciting Hindus to ostracize Muslims in their colonies. They are reminding Hindus to get ready to take revenge from Muslims for the wrongs their forefathers committed against Hindus.
RSS believes that violence can be used to reconvert Muslims and Christians to Hinduism and future conversion to Islam and Christianity can be stopped through legal means. RSS believes that once in power, it can change the constitution to serve its political agenda. So in a Modi-led government, discrimination and injustices would be given a constitutional framework, the same strategy followed by Hitler’s Germany when the holocaust was approved by the will of the people within a legal framework.
Muslims in India are bewildered with the political drama unfolding in front of their eyes. Divided into political camps, castes and classes and on sectarian and religious lines, they are looking at everyone to save them from Modi or RSS. Some have opted to join the RSS and BJP and Modi bandwagon believing that if they cannot beat them, they can join them. Those who have joined BJP are fully aware of RSS agenda and Modi murders, yet political expediency seems to be more relevant to them than the bitter truth.
Politics of deception that is being played in independent India is manifesting itself fully in this election. Politicians in general are not about telling the truth but speaking lies and speaking loudly.  Non-Indian groups have been inducted into this election campaigns. Image makers, policy creators, message broadcasters from the US, Japan, Britain, Israel and other places are hired by political parties to deceive voters so that victory could be achieved. Mega corporations see a big opportunity in these elections to use their money to win as many mercenaries through ballots as they can. India democracy is in one heck of a mess.
Democracy is transforming itself into Modicracy with little regard to pluralistic values and human dignity that it was initially introduced for.


  1. India is always a hindu natiön everywhere whether it be school ,colleges,varsity,govt we prctice hindu and veda ritulas and nobody can change our culture we will sing wande matara in every place whether muslims sing or but we will.and muslim also practic our hindu culcure cause its no muslim land or culture its hindu land and culcure.

  2. Useless writer. If islamic countries can run based on hate filled book Quarn then Indian can not be run based on Indian hindu books. Why he is not talking about freedom in islamic countries. My other faiths are not allowed in muslim countries. I would say Muslim intellectaul are cancer in society they are misguiding indian muslim and getting heavy money from saudi arab.

  3. dear hindu brothers, what nationalism are we talking about, even if all organisations try, we cannot prevent changing indians, we are fast losing our identity.
    let me explain better- look at our costumes, sarees, dhotis, etc,, are not worn in any country except india- that will not be seen in india too in the future.
    burgers, pizzas were never a part of our culture, but we feel great in having them with a pepsi, again a foreign drink,
    we want to talk english, which makes us proud, we want to go to US, it makes us feel that we are competent, once landed there, we speaks bad about indians.
    we even shit like them, the toilet itself is called western commode and the other one- indian commode.
    multiple sexual partners, homosexualtiy, pubs, discotheques, casinos, beaches are all foreign imports.
    and many more
    in conclusion, we want to eat like westerners, dress like them, shit like them, talk like them, behave like them, everything like them- where is the Indian identity now, just by singing vandemataram.
    then we are hypocrites.
    may god give us a true understanding.

  4. IF RSS was so much dangerous organization then how come in 1963 then Prime Minister Nehru invited RSS to participate in Republic day parade, for their work done during the Sino-Indian War in 1962.Later in 1965 and 1971 Indo-Pak wars too, the RSS volunteers offered their services to maintain law and order of the country and were apparently the first to donate blood.


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