India is already a Hindu Rashtra : RSS gen secy Dattatreya Hosabale

Dattatreya Hosabale

By Muslim Mirror Network

India is already a ‘Hindu Rashtra’ which is a “cultural concept” and does not need to be established by the Constitution, RSS General Secretary Dattatreya Hosabale said here on Tuesday.

Explaining his statement, he said Nation and State are two different things. While a nation is a “cultural concept”, State is that which is established by the Constitution.

“About Hindu Rashtra, we have been saying for the last 100 years that it’s a cultural concept, not theoretical,” he said while replying to a question on the issue at a press conference here.

“State and Nation are two different things. A State is that which is established by Constitution. It is state power,” he said.

“Nation is a cultural concept. Bharat is already a Hindu Rashtra. It doesn’t need to be made a Hindu Rashtra,” he added. (With PTI inputs)


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