Indian-American Muslims celebrate Kamala Harris nomination as US Vice-Presidential candidate

By Muslim Mirror Desk
Washington (DC) : The Association of Indian Muslims Muslims of America (AIM), Washington DC, an American organization of expatriate Indian Muslims, today congratulated Senator Kamala Harris, on her nomination as Vice-President to the Democratic party ticket for US Presidency in the upcoming election.   Sen Harris w : ill be formally nominated  in the Democratic party convention next week.

In a statement, its Executive Director, Kaleem Kawaja expressed joy at the remarkable high success of a second generation Indian-American in becoming a candidate for the second highest public office in America.  Sen Harris is the daughter of Prof Shyamala Gopalan, a cancer biologist, who was from Chennai, India, and had emigrated to US in 1965.

Mr Kawaja applauded the fact that now 4 Indian-Americans are US Congressmen and  one is a US Senator.  Additionally some Indian-Americans  are judges of the Federal Appeals Court, which is only one step below the US Supreme Court.  Similarly several Indian-Americans are Chief Executive Officers of giant multinational corporations like IBM, Google etal.  In the major US universities several Indian-Americans are deans, heads of faculties etc, he said.

AIM applauds the Indian-American community for its extraordinary success in the face of tough competition in US in just about five decades., he added.


  1. What the hell is this possible in the USA , THEY HAVE TO GET .. OF HER and as ASAP.
    INDIAN/ PAKI/ AFRICAN MUSLIMS and Sikh’s are the groups owning the USA in the near future and this will and up of a bloody WAR.

  2. People never realized about natural revenge. USA is for All. India is for Indian, Italy for Italian but America is a melting pot. Brain drain center. Every human being created in an unique form by Almighty. Education is the key of success not EGO.
    If you conquer yourself then you have to cut E then GO……..


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