Indian cricketer Yash Dayal sparks controversy after sharing Islamophobic Instagram story


by Muslim Mirror Staff

Yash Dayal, a fast bowler for the Gujarat Titans, found himself in a controversial situation when he posted a communal post on his Instagram account on Monday.

Social media users alleged that Yash “was posting Islamophobic stories on Instagram and generalising” the Muslim community.

Yash Dayal has faced severe backlash from fans and other social media users who have criticized him for stirring up controversy on a sensitive subject.

Technology Journalist, Abhishek Baxi, took to Twitter and wrote “A @BCCI Uttar Pradesh and @gujarat_titans player, Yash Dayal, posted this on Instagram. He has since deleted it. – No action against him? – Hasn’t he let down his Muslim teammates? – How does team management work out with a bigoted individual in a team sport?”

Karthik Krishnaswamy said, “Yash Dayal’s post is only a symptom of the horrors that the BJP has unleashed across the country, empowering right-wing militias to harass interfaith couples with impunity and turning fearmongering over “love jihad” into de facto state policy.”

“Yash Dayal lost 8 kgs when Rinku Singh smashed him for 5 sixes, and he knew his career was almost over. Now, he is attempting to save his career by posting Islamophobic content on Instagram in an attempt to gain support from radicals,” another user said.

Some people, however, extended their support to Yash and called him a Hindu Sher (Hindu lion).

“Lord Yash Dayal should be immediately made captain of Gujrat Titans Landya mc licking Rashid, Noor, Shami as he gets carried by them that is not how hindu is. He is like Yash Dayal who did not give fck about these buslim talibani jihadis and showed every mc jihadi bslim his aukat,” a user wrote in Yash Dayal’s support.

Some called him modern-day Savarkar.

Following the controversy, Dayal took to his Instagram account again and issued an apology, clarifying that the previous story was posted “by mistake”.


  1. The International Cricket Council regulations

    Recently in England, there was a scandal about racism, but the governing council, media & responsible civic society cracked down hard.

    Once the concerns are raised & civic society make the relevant organisations aware e.g. IPL & Gujarat Titans, it should be chased up.

    If the Indian governing regulatory bodies sweep this under the carpet , then their international reputation & fitness to participate would be under scrutiny.

    The international players in the IPL should be questioned if they feel morally ok with endorsing a rotten & hate-filled environment.

    If India wants to take its place among the global family, its ruling organisations have to abide by the rules of the game.



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