Indian govt blacklists Youtuber who protested against CAA


By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi: Travel blogger Karl Rock on Friday said that the Indian government has blocked him from entering the country without giving any reasons. He said that he has been separated from his Indian wife and family since October 2020 as a result of the cancellation of his visa by Indian authorities.

In a Youtube video, Rock stated that he is married to Manisha, who lives in Delhi. He left India in October to go to Dubai and Pakistan in October 2021. After left the IGI airport, he came to known that his visa has been cancelled by Indian authorities.


Rock had participated in anti-CAA protests in 2020 and had also tweeted about it. Netizens believes that this may be a reason for the cancellation of his visa in India.

He said he has approached many officials in Dubai and Wellington, the capital of New Zealand but no one helped him.

His wife Manisha has visited the office of home ministry in Delhi many a time but no help was extended to her.

Rock and Manisha have filed a petition in the Delhi High Court seeking restoration of his visa. He has also started an online petition to garner public support for his cause.


  1. I’ve seen Karl Rock’s videos, good guy overall….it was inevitable that his visa was canceled since Hindi extremists and terrorists are against freedom of speech and are doing their best to silence any dissenting point of view. India has an uncivilized society of intolerant, uneducated, uncouth low IQ pagan savages who think the cow dung is worth more then the Kohinor diamond.

      • Anonymous HIndu goo bhakt,

        No one needs to ask me to “come here,” nor do I need an invitation or permission. Who are to tell me to “stay out of it” Hindu sh1t eater? How about you take your own advice to get lost? You smelly sanghis don’t dictate to us what we can do and say. The world is learning the truth about how rotten and insecure Hindus are…..dirty disgusting intolerant hypocrites who want to silence any dissenting view. Truth to a Hindu is like sunlight to a vampire.


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